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22.04.2015 | 06:51
Hi Roger, it is nice to see that twin girls are attending the matches, they should be so proud. You are still number 1 as you have changed your style and way of play, it looks good. Keep it going Roger, all the best the next matches. 😘
21.04.2015 | 21:30
Roger ,the greatest , prepare for Wimbledon like its your last and then play like its your first and then you will get your 18th!
21.04.2015 | 20:53
All the best to the live legend!
21.04.2015 | 19:43
Dear Roger I did not realize that Istanbul is a hard court surface. You will have to
adjust to clay once more. Have fun it some place you had not visited before, so
it will be interesting for you. We look forward to your return in Madrid. We feel
we are the luckiest fans in the world. To have you represent tennis as you do.
Love to you all.
21.04.2015 | 12:27
Hii Roger,

How are you?
You are a green frog, oftewel een koele kikker!
Thats the reason I like you and tennis ofcourse.
I admire you and the whole tennis world.
Play the game and I hope to see the matches in May.

Sportieve groet,

21.04.2015 | 12:19
Dear Roger, I am booked to attend Gstaad tournament end of July just to see you play. It's the 100th Anniversary of Gstaad tennis tournament and you should be there to represent Switzerland. Will you and Stan be there?
21.04.2015 | 12:00
Hi Roger.
I am waiting with tenterhooks for you and your great game in TURKEY , good luck in PNP PARİBAS I'll be court supporting you all week ı hope that get a chance for meeting with you please dont forget us we are all your Turkish Funs.
you are the best
Mustafa Babayiğit