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Andrea Duprè
24.11.2015 | 20:37
Roger, I was in London at the O2 Arena. The judge made some important mistakes, in particular your last serve was in, I have played the slow motion. I strongly believe that the Hawkeye technology is NOT efficient, and you should draw this matter to somebody, plus ask more controls about doping, Some players (do not want to make names) are Robots. Please don't give up, enjoy your family now, but keep training and watch some videos of your rival (novak)
chris gomes
24.11.2015 | 19:17

You don't play Novak the right way. You're arguably better than him, but your uncontrolled aggression on 'off' days costs you matches. On 'off' days you have to emulate Novak's natural style: be patient & wait for opportunities, hit ground strokes deep into the court, keep safety margins over the net and between the lines, move your opponent around the court, and concentrate on serve position, not speed. This will cut down your unforced errors, and give you better chances to win.
24.11.2015 | 18:15
Super ! Je vous remercie vous êtes génial ! A bientot, Bises. Rencontre
Soufiane HSAINE
24.11.2015 | 18:15
beh je n'ai pas grandes choses à dire à part que je suis trés content d'être parmi vos fans roger, je te suis depuis le debut de ta carrière et je t'ai tjrs soutenu, j'ai vécu avec toi des moments de joies et de tristesse quand tu perdais en bref tu resteras toujours mon joueur de tennis préféré. bon continuation et trés bon courage champion
Rita Smith
24.11.2015 | 16:51
Roger my husband and I noticed you rubbing your right shoulder during the final match; did you have a problem?
24.11.2015 | 12:38
^^17 Grand Slams poster: not everyone plays the same. Not everyone plays fair, Not everyone relies on their own prowess alone. Chamomille tea? Spring water? Borrowed brains? Oxygen pads and oxypads? Who knows? But don't ever dare to not appreciate what Roger has already done. That is plain oriif that you do not understand the sport. You think ND is so brave? You are so wrong.
24.11.2015 | 12:33
I have one very strong belief. No matter how much the nutrition, the over stretching of the natural ability, whatever aids and enhancements in sports, the human body has muscles, nerves, fibers, joints. Pushed by enhancements, they can give out, the way Genghis Khan famed courier horses did, riding breakneck over vast distances, only to pay the price for it. Good for the Khan, not so good for the horse. And some are indulging in this, and taking pride as their exclusive achievement.