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18.06.2016 | 23:06
Hi Roger, our Champ!
Don't Worry for the last game at Weber, you play well. Take it like a training for Wimbledon. We hope that you will be a champ again.
Work with emotional intelligence and relax to make your best play.
"a Ganar,... Vamos Campeon" ( To win ... go go Champ)
Greetings and Blessings!

18.06.2016 | 22:12
Roger, you are one of the last truly classy men in sports. Please shave to keep yourself unique. Thank you
18.06.2016 | 21:33
How disgusting to put the filth on these pages under the name fancy free to involve children in your warped messages is a disgrace find somewhere else to pedal your filth.COME ON ROGER SW19 IS NEARLY HERE IM SURE YOUR CONFIDENCE WILL RETURN WHEN YOU SEE CENTRE COURT REMEMBER YOU ARE THE GOAT xx
18.06.2016 | 20:54
Please...to the caretaker of Rogers site....delete these terrible negative& dreadfull remarks against Roger.
18.06.2016 | 18:49
Please delete the offensive messages as soon as possible! So disgusting. Luckily he is not a Roger's fan. We Roger's fans are not shameful. We know how to support people.
18.06.2016 | 17:37
Bad luck today, you are still the most admired and respected player that has ever graced a tennis court.
Fancy free, you are obviously writing malicious messages to receive a reaction, you need help, what a wicked individual you are!
18.06.2016 | 17:15
Caro Roger, i problemi fisici ti hanno tenuto lontano dai terreni di gioco.
ma anche oggi ti ho visto in netta ripresa.
ottimo allenamento in previsione di Wimbledon.
Non ti curare dei tuoi detrattori; a Wimbledon sarai pronto e ci delizierai nuovamente con la tua unica, inarrivabile classe.
A presto Campione. un abbraccio