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20.04.2014 | 09:48
Roger, you are playing the finals again! It is hard for any player to get to the finals and getting harder for you. So you have to make sure it's a WIN. Winning isn't easy esp. against a new Stan the AO champ. He has found himself. As you may already know, he will not gift the title to you. Hard to play a friend, but just the same you have to beat him. Just do it and best of luck!
20.04.2014 | 09:00
Awesome opportunity - seize it with alacrity - interesting potential impact on rankings and seeding coming up esp with RG and Wimby not far off. Looking forward to your final match up with Stan. Sure to be a good test for you both. Loved your well crafted shot end of first set.
20.04.2014 | 08:49
Dear GOAT,
Congrats on the win against Nole,
Congrats for FEDERINKA on winning the trophy..
We are flying in a great joy..
20.04.2014 | 05:40
Congratulations on your win against Novak!!! Amazing Roger! I can't wait to see the Swiss final! Stan is one of my favourite players and he played incredibly well against Ferrer. Wow! I wish I was in Monte Carlo to watch this final. Instead will be cheering for you from Canada!

20.04.2014 | 02:55
Good luck! I hope you enjoy yourself! Lots of love to Mirka and your girls and the upcoming baby!
20.04.2014 | 00:04
Voilà Roger , vous avez été grandiose durant tout ce tournois à Monte Carlo !! Chaque jour à chaque victoire quel BOHNEUR pour moi qui vous suit depuis si longtemps .et demain apothéose , la finale 100% suisse !!! J'en suis très fière .j'en rêvais et c'est arrivé ´ : merci FEDRINKA . Je vais regarder ce match avec amour et respect . Bonne finale Roger , je vous embrasse et HOP SUISSE !!!
19.04.2014 | 23:16
Pressen - Roger - pressen! ;-)