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19.05.2015 | 04:56
Hi Roger - was wondering if you will be coming to Cincinnati this year. I just saw that there is a big gap between Halle and Basel tournaments and I am hoping that you will be making it to Cincy.

Thanks for your time :)
19.05.2015 | 04:42
Ok... you are very close to Djocovic. In the first set in Rome by one shot ...you can´t win the game... for one shot.
Your tennis was spectacular, beautiful, wonderfull.
I hope you can win RG and Wimbledon... Just work and work in your tennis, more agressive, you must be fast, whit initiative in the baseline. Change your shots and not many rallys.
Come on! you can do it, just relax and play.
The victory on GS come back soon for you, be patient and very focus.

Best regards
Basel Boy
19.05.2015 | 01:55
Gruezi Herr Federer! You have played some super tennis im Roma, Indian Wells, et al...
Hopp Fed im d' Roland Garros '15. My suspicion: d'Joker und Rafa have a weak moment and you prevail AGAIN. Chumm jetzte!
A Friend in Costa Rica
18.05.2015 | 22:13
Djokovic if you truly make up your mind about it, I know you did try in Rome but you said yourself after the match...you know you can play better than you did in Rome...and so do I and thousands more. I also missed your famous deadly dropshots at Rome's final. Everything that goes up must eventually come down, Djokovic will come down, he's not invincible, all the pressure is on him now. Roger, you have nothing to lose at Roland Garros, no pressure, feed from that, play relaxed and focused, Bless
A Friend in Costa Rica
18.05.2015 | 22:00
...put into the ATP tour. As I said before, I am really sorry that you lost to Djokovic in Rome because I really wanted you to win your first Rome title....and I'm also quite tired and bored to watch Djokovic win all the time. I truly hope that you, or even Nadal as a far second option, put and end to Djokovic winning all the time at Roland Garros, I know it's going to be hard because the Djoker is absolutely obsessed with winning the Roland Garros for the first time..but I'm sure you could beat
A Friend in Costa Rica
18.05.2015 | 21:52
Hello Roger, I'm sorry you lost the Final in Rome, I really am. I am and will always be very proud of you anyways, it takes courage, guts and lots of discipline to go out to battle on the tennis court everyday during a tournament, it's one thing to play very hard one day and then be able to rest the next few days and another thing completely to have to do it everyday for a whole week or more, you will always have my respect and support for that and for many other sacrifices and effort that you
18.05.2015 | 20:46
Cher Roger Federer
Je vous souhaite de gagner Rolland Garros et Wimbledon!