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13.07.2014 | 08:42
I am a die hard fan of Roger Federer & have been following his tours all around the world for many years.I have prayed & longed for his success soo much.I have observed during the wimbledon final that while playing djokovic & even when its nadal on the opposite end, Roger you approach to the net many times even sometimes unnecessary(sorry) which give other player like djokovic or nadal to play the passing winners easily like nole did 16 times in the final which i think is root cause for ur loss
13.07.2014 | 00:35
Hard to believe that a legend can grow more in defeat than victory, but that is exactly what is happening. As RF continues to push the boundaries and find a new dimension to his game, longtime admirers are taken deeper into the journey with him, and even non-supporters are in awe of his sheer determination and effort. As crazy as it sounds, sometimes when I meet an obstacle in my own life I now find myself asking, "What would Roger do?" Keep going until there's not a single drop left to give!
12.07.2014 | 15:25
You played a brilliant match in Wimbledon - too bad you didn't quite make it.
When are we going to see the first pics of you twin sons? I have been waiting for ages…….
12.07.2014 | 11:57
On attend impatiemment le 18e titre en Grand Chelem. Je suis avec toi a 1000% pour l'US Open. Allez Roger!!
Ryan Ferrier
12.07.2014 | 10:43
I was sad I couldn't see your Wimbledon Final live because of my time zone, but I watched it all the following day and was very impressed with your performance. Best of luck for the rest of the season! I will be looking forward to the U.S. Open because I'm sure you will go deep in the draw!
12.07.2014 | 07:57
Go Flushing Meadows Roger!
Your goal will be semi.
If more, welcome!
A couple of champins may defeat you, but nobody play better than you.
12.07.2014 | 05:23
I watched every point you played at Wimbledon! I am the ultimate fan and hope one day to see you play live!