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10.07.2016 | 20:51
ooops ran out of space. I was saying you help me to feel happy because being on dialysis it is challenging to feel happy all the time when I have to deal with that. You are outstanding in all areas. Hope your childrean will be the same ex..not spoiled rich kids you know? Thank you for all you do in your Foundation too. Thank you for everything. I am talking to you like God because in a way now that I write this we do "worship" you. Be happy, enjoy. Sending you love. Kiss kiss..
10.07.2016 | 20:15
Dear Roger, I hope you get to read some of the postings. It will enforce how much you are loved and admired and in some cases revered like the Champ that you are. We all felt the loss to Raonic with you. Let all the love embrace you and help you heal and get ready for the future. Thank you for all the joy you bring us. God Bless your family. Always nice to see them in the box. God Bless your children too of course. I am STILL on dialysis but will let you know if I get a transplant. You help me.
10.07.2016 | 19:32
Roger, mach dir nichts aus der Niederlage gegen Raonic, du hättest Wimbledon eh nicht gewonnen. Denn auch gegen einen Murray hättest du keine Chance gehabt....
Eunice Lin
10.07.2016 | 18:27
Dear Roger: I hope you get to read this, maybe a couple of days later, maybe with one of your children on your lap, at a happier and less stressful time... when it hurts a little less. Ahh it will always hurt, you were so close, but hopefully it will hurt a little less then. You played great, of course you did, you gave it your all. Raonic played well too; he did step it up when it counted. He did make those crucial breaks in the fourth set. Everyone wanted to know if this would be your last chance. A wise man once told me things that are meant to be will always find their ways. I want to remind you, a lot of us from all over the world stayed up well into the night to watch you play. We watched, because you were playing. You are Roger Federer,  you are what tennis is all about. You may not win, hell no one always wins, but you show us the professionalism, the sportsmanship, the respect and the passion for this game. You are Roger Federer. You inspire us to do better and be better in our own respective fields. You are Roger Federer,  and you are great.
10.07.2016 | 18:19
I can only say that luck has not been on your side - 2 slam finals, but Novak stopped you. Novak, the hurdle was gone, you were in semi this time, you were 2-1, but double faulted twice and your opponent played unusually well (against you, but against Murray in final). It almost felt like everything was already destined. You've tried really hard; you've been given the best chance. It's not meant to be though. Take it easy and enjoy the rest of your career worry free
10.07.2016 | 17:18
Watching Raonic play today makes you wonder...
So regretful that you are not in a final match!
10.07.2016 | 17:02
I think you can beat Milos easily today. He play poorly today. Only 4 aces, 24 unforced errors in two sets.