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22.07.2015 | 19:55
You enjoy the work you do for your foundation. You also enjoy playing professional tennis. This enjoyment, driven by a passion, is In itself, your greatest reward. Losses are inevitable because perfection is a benchmark to strive for but that no one can ever attain. And losses are the trials and tribulations that eventually lead to success for those who persevere. You have persevered and proved many people wrong when your tennis was not at its best in 2008. Keep enjoying this life's journey.
22.07.2015 | 19:24
I am a HUGH fan of yours. I have been following your career since you first became a professional. I admire your class and style of play, the way you float above the court. After years of seeing you play on TV, I saved up and got tickets for my daughter and I to go to the quarterfinals of the U S Open. I would love to stay and watch you win in the finals, but that wasn't in my budget. Good Luck and I hope you win several more tournaments. I will be sad whenever you decide to quit.
22.07.2015 | 10:39
Hi Roger! As your fan (and I am sure all your fans) would like to know your schedule for the remaining of the season. Please release it asap if you can. Cheers and enjoy your holidays!
22.07.2015 | 10:14
C'est merveilleux le travail que tu fais là-bas. Je t'encourage. Toute bonne journée.
A Friend in Costa Rica
22.07.2015 | 08:31
......very good posts BELIEF. When I watch a tennis match like the one between Mr. Federer and Djokovic in the Semifinal at Roland Garros of 2011 I can't help to think that if Mr. Federer dominated Djokovic so well in that match in 2011 why couldn't he do the same at the last two Wimbledon Finals ? There has to be a few reasons why he couldn't do the same as in 2011.....but what are they ? I wonder.....
A Friend in Costa Rica
22.07.2015 | 08:23
This is a message for BELIEF,.....I think your posts with advice for Mr. Federer are very good and positive, I agree with your line of thinking. I personally foud very hard to assimilate what happened at this last Wimbledon Final, I wanted Mr. Federer to win Wimbledon with all my heart and when he lost it was like if I had lost the match against Djokovic too, this loss of his in particular was very unsettling for me...but life goes on, right ? No sense in dwelling on a particular loss, he tried.
22.07.2015 | 06:42
Hi Roger, maybe for a change, you just don't think about slams or titles anymore. Maybe just focus on the process - enjoy all the amazing shots you produce, the style, the support you get. That may take the pressure off you, making you more free to maximize your mighty power and skills. We fans just want enjoy watching you play. If you win, it's an extra bonus.