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13.04.2015 | 02:25
**Dear FARNSWORTH, you supplied a link to an essay you wrote about how your sister and you enjoy Roger's matches! Wonderful! Is it possible for you to make that link "clickable" so one can go to it directly? It would be nice!
13.04.2015 | 02:22
Roger, you have no sleeve yet for your serving arm? For camouflage, or support? young Milos said he has a strategy so he can dictate play and not run around so much. And Djoke played incredible tennis, he is tired, but of course he is incredible. But you are incomparable: I am convinced that clay can be played on like a lute: it is a matter of timing, and angles, and your kind of tennis genius. Happy anniversary to you and Mirka! Have a great clay season.....then the King of Grass is on!
12.04.2015 | 21:28
Hi Roger,

My sister and I are huge fans! I'm a freelance writer from North Carolina, USA (duncmshaw@gmail.com) and I wrote this published essay (see link below) about how she and I have admired you over the years. Hope you like it!

amin jalali
12.04.2015 | 18:16
Hi roger,
I have one question from you!!
what is your education??
12.04.2015 | 15:35
Best wishes Roger at the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters
NICOLO\' MOLTENI via po...
12.04.2015 | 12:55
mi potresti mandare un tuo diario scolastico con dedica e foto? Mercoledì 15 aprile sarò a Montecarlo per vedere l'ATP di tennis... ci sarai? Un saluto da Nicolò Molteni.
12.04.2015 | 12:51
Roger Federer vorrei chiederti se mi potresti far avere un diario scolastico firmato da te e con incollata una tua foto. Mercoledì 15 aprile sarò a Monte Carlo...ci sarai? mi chiamo Nicolò Molteni .