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A Friend in Costa Rica
21.07.2015 | 08:01
....does but Maybe your best chance to win your 18th was at this past Wimbledon 2015, I hope I am wrong about that, I guess we'll see, the competition out there is just too tough now, I was truly very saddened that you didn't win this last Wimbledon. To me it would have been a truly amazing thing if you would have won. Wish you the best, God bless........
A Friend in Costa Rica
21.07.2015 | 07:56
IT IS VERY NiCE AND NOBLE WHAT you are doing in Malawi,.....life is not only about tennis all the time, right ? I think you are a good person....I didn't like what happened at the Wimbledon Final, it should have been you with the trophy in your hands...not Djokovic, this guy thinks that he is going to win more grand slams than you, I'm sure that is one of his career goals, whether he achieves this goal or not....he's not you. I don't know if an 18th Grand Slam will come for you or not, I hope it
21.07.2015 | 05:33
Always have been your fan. Even more so after your Malawi visit. Thanks for 'being human'.
20.07.2015 | 18:57
I agree with Belief. Small irritations like bouncing balls and roof tops do not matter to
Roger's game.
20.07.2015 | 17:39
Hi Just saw some games of Hinges Her returns are too good Le said that she holds her abdomen tight and her hands loose probably you can play a few matches with her Her confidence that she believes she can win is too good.probably talk to her and i think U should play mixed with her in Olympics. They say that tennis is a game of errors, just ask UR people to just separate your errors in the finals and just work on it. Good luck
20.07.2015 | 11:11
Dear Roger,
Ist finally time to play another game....
You pretend to help children in Mali .
Did you know that the enormous amount of money on your account, payed for a'' game'' will create dept on the other site on costs of other people? All the interests on this enormous account of yours has to be payed by the poor.

Please open your eyes finally for the system you are acting in....this system is corrupted to the bone and you are just a tool to seep this unhumanlike system,alive.
20.07.2015 | 05:38
Dear Roger, know that you have moved on and are now concentrating on your foundation which is so wonderful. Have to reflect on Wimbledon tho'- it always seems that just prior to the start of the tournament your opponents or their camp come out in the news with something they know will upset you. Becker with his book and Nadal in the past. They know how to get to you, and Djoker with his excessive bounce of the ball while serving. You Must find a way to deal with it ... Love you always.