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20.07.2016 | 04:38
You are playing so well Roger. I wish you all the best in Rio.
I am from Denver Colorado and usually go to Indian Wells every year just to watch you! Can you please let me know if you will definitely play in Cincinnati before I spend so much to lodge and fly there plus tennis tickets?
My hope is to see you will you be there.
Here is my email Tjencats@aol.com
Thank you and much appreciation for all you do for your fans.
You are the best. God Bless You and your Family
19.07.2016 | 21:46
Hello Roger,

Sorry to hear that you won't be coming to Toronto. Wishing you the best for the remainder of the season. Hope to see you play in the Roger's Cup in the coming years. Take care.
Vaibhav Pawar
19.07.2016 | 14:54
I want to see you again with Grand Slam Trophy. We know that you will comeback strongly in coming sessions. Also want to see you to beat Novak.
19.07.2016 | 05:44
Roger, I expect you to be fine in first round at the Rogers. Please spend time working on how not to choke in big moments. If you get that addressed, you still have a chance to win more matches including slams. If you ignore that, you will have no chance winning slams. Choke is a mental thing. Please work on that.
18.07.2016 | 18:45
your box or anywhere! I am still so sorry you lost in the SF at Wimbledon. I hope your family is well. God Bless you and your family of course.Thank you as always for bringing me such joy. The world needs joy...Kiss Kiss...My email is :
18.07.2016 | 18:40
Dear Roger, Can you make time in your schedule before NY to come to my town by the sea. I told you there is a giant merry go round there that your children will love. I had to close my store two years ago so I cannot ask you to stop by there but working at a store called Kharmah. Do you do out of the ordinary things for your fans like have them be a guest at the Open? I have had a very challening life being on dialysis and losing transplants. It would be my greatest joy to watch you from
18.07.2016 | 18:06
i saw Roger playing in ecublens, so...