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21.03.2015 | 22:42
Dear Mr Federer,
The biggest CONGRATULATIONS for your win over Raonic !!!!!
Believe in the positive energy !!! I am sure you already DO. It was an absolutely great match!!! Believe in yourself !!!! God bless you and your family !!!!
You are in my mind and my positive energy is with you !!!
21.03.2015 | 22:40
WOW! Genius at work, what a pleasure to watch. Come on Roger, you can do it!
21.03.2015 | 21:16
Dear Roger, I am 11 years old and I am one of your greatest fans. I wish you good luck for tonight... I am sure you're going to play fantastic as usual, I can't wait to see the match! Wish you all the best, ciaoooo Shaan
21.03.2015 | 20:07
hey roger u r qualify for the semis....u r match with milos...and head to head record against milos is 8 - 1 after semis record is 9-1...all d best roger...concentrate on semis..
A Friend in Costa Rica
21.03.2015 | 19:55
I agree with heartofthematter, aside from relying inmensely on his serve, Raonic loves playing crosscourt to open up the court, which is good..but then work on counteracting that with as many parallel winners as you can, forehands especially, yes, he's moving a little better on the court but he's still a big clumsy guy compared to you, be quicker than him on the court Roger, use your legs !! Play your game Roger, not his, yours...and most of all, be hungrier than this young guy, your time is now
A Friend in Costa Rica
21.03.2015 | 19:48
Roger, your time is now, Raonic is about 10 years younger than you, he can win the Indian Wells and many other tournaments later, he has the time for that, your time is now, how many more opportunities to win the Indian Wells do you think you will have ? Raonic will have many, many more....it's only fair that you win this time, it is your time so fight the the good fight Roger, it is absolutely worth it for you, this is your motivation, make it happen for you Roger, be hungrier than Raonic, WIN
21.03.2015 | 18:31
Roger, your opponent moved better on the court than previously. Maybe he needs to make very quick changes in direction, unexpected patterns of play> He likes crosscourt, too. Hold on to your serve: you are playing amazingly, with power, precision, and such knowledge of the court! Use it all, and guile, against him. (Ruflle him...or his hair!) Godbless, luck. Stand your ground! Discourage him! Luck, too!