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18.07.2016 | 13:40
Hi Roger,Hope to see you in wining circle in Canada.sharad
Scotty Moore
18.07.2016 | 07:10
Too the greatest player in history, You are the reason I still play. I am 43 yrs old. Just started back playing after about 8 yrs off. I've watched you since you started. I have a 10 yr old that loves to watch you play. It is such a joy to watch you play. So graceful yet so intimidating. I have some similarities to your game style. But no one will play the way you do. Not now, not ever. Your an inspiration on and off the court. Thank you! I know there are some major titles in your future.
17.07.2016 | 18:10
Roger is the greatest tennis player, but he has also been a choker in recent years - the two slams finals against Novak, the semi loss at Wimbledon this year, the many other losses to player who beat him before or players who pushed him (he is always ok in first round against low rank players). He doesn't choke against low rank because he believes himself. He chokes against high rank players because he does not believe himself. That's the diff between him now and in the past.
15.07.2016 | 22:28
Roger, je suis tous tes matches depuis 2009 ; je suis très admiratif de ce que tu accomplis , de ton élégance de jeu et de ta conduite exemplaire , de ta volonté de te maintenir au plus haut niveau ; dans les points difficiles où toute une saison se joue, où tout peut basculer , pense à tous ceux qui te soutiennent et qui croient en toi ...je sais que les occasions de compléter ton palmarès unique se raréfient mais je suis de tout coeur avec toi , comme beaucoup d'autres sans doute...
Don Morrison
15.07.2016 | 03:38
I am sure you are so busy that there will be no response, which is fine. My name is Don Morrison and I am a cancer survivor, which is cool but I decided to buy your tennis racquets the RF-97 after 26 years of not playing. I played in college (Hawaii) and was pretty good but blew my knee out 26 years ago, I am 56 now. I am inspired by you with your elegance, grace and ferocity. I have not hit any balls yet but I will next week slowly. My email address is daloysiusmorrison@gmail.com. Take care!
14.07.2016 | 15:14
dear sir , I am great fan of u and watch all of ur matches closely . Ii too play tennis locally and wish to learn tennis from you and play like u . Is there any chance I can get training from you ?? I will be extremely thankful to u .
14.07.2016 | 06:14
بِسْمِ اللّهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

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