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13.05.2016 | 15:49
Dear Maestro, please have faith that we are with you and suffering along with you. We miss you and the beauty of your game. I am checking with the ATP tour only because I want to see how events relate to you....
Please take the necessary time to recover because I know that you have one more US OPEN in you! Love you always.
Beni aus Valendas Graub...
13.05.2016 | 14:12
Hallo Roger,
Ich wünsche Ihnen gute Besserung, und dass Sie bald wieder auf Ihrem gewohnten Level spielen können. Denn dann liegen immer noch Grosse Titel drin, das spürt man!
Seit vier Jahren reise ich nach London, um bei den Finals dabei zu sein, und bin mir sicher, dass das auch dieses Jahr klappen wird!! Meine kleine Tochter (4.5 Jahre) glaubt immer noch, ich hätte mit Ihnen in London Tennis gespielt... Ich lasse sie im Glauben...
Alles Gute, und viel Erfolg!
Padma Wickramasinghe
13.05.2016 | 09:59
Dear Roger,You are still the best.No one can ever match your game and style.It's a pleasure to watch you play.Rest well and get the necessary treatment for your injuries to heal completely.For sure you will come back to win all the tournaments you wish to win this year.Our Prayers,Blessings and Positive Energy are with you,dear son.Wish you,Mirka and kids Good Health,Protection and Happiness.
13.05.2016 | 07:56
Dear Roger,
You say that we shouldn't feel bad for you because you are injured and could not continue in Rome. The real issue for me as well as millions of your fans is that there is no tennis without you! Watching you play tennis is magic. The way you play, your style, your joie de vivre and the way thousands of fans will go to any length to watch you - even if it is practice! Every day that you miss a match is a day without tennis for us. You are tennis. Thank you.
A Friend in Costa Rica
13.05.2016 | 03:33
..seeing these young players from the new generation beating you and feeling good because they beat the legendary Roger Federer. Nadal is getting back to his best level of tennis again, he's won three of four important titles in the last couple of months or so, he's going to give everything he's got to try to win Roland Garros for a tenth's time, you can see the fire in his eyes, Djokovic will try like never before to win his first RG, these guys are motivated, what about you Roger ? Take heart
A Friend in Costa Rica
13.05.2016 | 03:23
...all over the world, I do play tennis twice or three times a week at the club level and so I know a little bit about how hard this beautiful sport can be sometimes, your physical condition is key of course...but your mental state is everything as well in tennis. Roger, you are a great champion, Your style of playing tennis is the reason why I started playing tennis myself, you have all my respect and support....but you are too great of a champion to just fade away slowly in the dark, I hate...
A Friend in Costa Rica
13.05.2016 | 03:14
Hello Roger, hello everybody, when I first created my profile here on Mr. Federer's web site I went for the name...A Friend in Costa Rica...to let Roger know that he not only had a fan but also a friend in this tiny third world country in Central America that I think he only visited once, when he was a teenager and participated in the Costa Rican Cofee Cup, which, by the way, he did not win back then. I'm just a humble fan from a humble country, amongst the millions of fans that Mr. Federer has