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19.04.2014 | 00:02
Many errors today,play better tommorow Djokovic¡¡
It is how you play
18.04.2014 | 23:08
You played well with Tosanga but it was not your best. You had little luck and don't expect every time. I am happy you got through to SF with Joker. This tournament, you play different and is not aggressive enough to take home runs. I only hope, you play really strong and hard with Joker to win the game tomorrow. Best of luck and waiting to see you go strong
18.04.2014 | 22:28
Bravo Roger!

Go Roger Go!!!
difference now and then
18.04.2014 | 21:49
Roger, you are doing great. However, the difference between you now and then is 19 break points and you converted 2. That would've been your trademark in the past - converting breakpoints. Nothing else, but mental. Please find way to go back to the mental state 10 years ago. Get some help from coach and other professionals.
18.04.2014 | 19:41
In Chinese: Roger, 恭喜你赢得了比赛!干得漂亮!这场比赛不容易,我们看的也很紧张。期待[..]
18.04.2014 | 19:36
It was really a tough match and we watched with a very high heart beat. Congratulations&well done! Roger Federer never give up! Looking foward to the semis! Allez Roger!
Nvart Ohannesian
18.04.2014 | 19:06
Dear Roger, congratulations & well done in QF Monte Carlo. Good luck to you in Semis. Go on you can do it. GOD Bless you.