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20.03.2015 | 22:15
I could watch you play 4ever
20.03.2015 | 22:04
What a fantastic match again Berdych - you were at your best!! Go Roger go!!

Wishing you best wishes next round.

Stay sweet.
20.03.2015 | 21:57
My goodness, Roger, you take the breath away! What play, point construction, shot making, serving, everything was just working working working, and you looked amazing doing it. With real conviction, that's for sure. Congratulations, and bravo, and hail the champ! Loved every minute of this. But then, love seeing you play all the time. You were really spectacular, though, and knew what your plan was going to be! They should send big screen videos of your games worldwide available for everyone!!!
20.03.2015 | 21:42
That was the best end to a working week ever. A joy to watch. Thanks
20.03.2015 | 21:38
Dear Rog, thank U so much for outstanding chess tennis which is and be stoned forever. Amazing creation. No words, indeed. Wish ya motivation vs. Nadal or Raonic and in the final. You are famous artists. Thanx for joy and pleasure
20.03.2015 | 21:33
Contratulations, just outstanding, what a treat to watch you play.
20.03.2015 | 21:30
Sheer genius, you are a pleasure to watch. Congratulations and good luck for your following matches.