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12.07.2016 | 08:21
Je te soutiens Roger. C'est tout ce que je suis capable de faire. XX
12.07.2016 | 07:18
don't tell me you ain't got coins...
12.07.2016 | 07:13
you or your team must review my previous messages, and verify that I have years trying to contact you, so... what you are expecting for?
12.07.2016 | 07:08
Something went wrong? Course it has, and i've been saying this for seven years... LACK STRATEGY ON FIRST SERVE, simple like that, do i know how to improve right now this issue, just call me back, you will not lose anything but a single coin, just call me back...
11.07.2016 | 23:43
Roger, I may be accused of being harsh on you by your fans, but I consider it touch love - yes, nobody knows how big a fan I am of you. But, your biggest weakness is your mental fragile. -- how many times you faltered in slams, critical moments, against top players recently? Many. How many times they happened when you were dominating? very few. I don't know why you don't see it and seek help? Novak sought coach for just that when he was unable to get over the hump of slam title. Why can't you?
11.07.2016 | 22:56
Dear Rogi, we love you win or lose. Yes, that one hurt, but being the great champion that you are you will pick yourself up and go on. Always cheering for you Fed, no matter what.

P.S. Please do not hit the ball straight back to your opponents so often. :))
Maria & Bob
11.07.2016 | 20:59
Dear Roger, We missed you at Roland Garros and got to see the last fifteen minutes of your match against Johnson in Wimbledon (after queuing up for 4.5 hours in The Queue, but hope to see you live in Toronto. As one of your many faithful fans, we are grateful for the length of time you have been wowing us with your spectacular tennis play and your winning personality. Good luck always, Maestro.