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12.10.2014 | 21:09
Gratulujem z celeho srdca Roger a prajem Ti este vela takýchto výhier a vela radosti s rodinkou.
12.10.2014 | 21:05
Love your game Roger !!!! God bless You!!!
12.10.2014 | 20:57
Congrats from Canada Roger on a wonderful win in Shanghai........you are on fire!!! Good Luck In Basel and Paris and London - you have definitely got your "Mojo" back!! Had to get results on line but hopefully will see you on TV for the next 3 tourneys. What an amazing year for you. Hope Mirka, the girls and boys are all well - they must be so proud of you - as we all are!! Stay safe and go get 'em!!! You're still on my "Bucket List" to meet - maybe one day! Best Wishes, Shelagh :)
12.10.2014 | 20:13
Absolutely brilliant Roger - Congratulations. Can't wait to see you at the 02 in London.
This will be the first time I've got seats to see you play live. This 77 year old "golden oldie" is driving everybody mad talking about it. Best wishes to you and your family
12.10.2014 | 19:58
Hi Sir,
I am a big fan of Ur's I won't miss ur matches and congrates for getting another title in ur carrier. Keep rocking sir. All the very best
12.10.2014 | 19:43
Félicitations RF. Un titre de plus. Mais pour moi, la vraie finale c'était la DF contre Nole. Il n'y a pas photo avec la F. Maintenant place à la finale de la Coupe Davis et à l'objectif 1000 V. ATP (984) qui passe par Bâle, Bercy et Londres. Allez RF tente de terminer 2014 en apothéose en remportant la C.D et le "1000 V". Cordialement.
12.10.2014 | 19:40
Roger, sei un mito!! Il più grande! Complimenti di cuore.