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31.03.2014 | 18:30
R♥ger, si tu avais pu maintenir ta première balle comme ltu le fais depuis le début de la saison tu aurais gagné cette partie....contre N-ri. Je ne vois pas d'autre raison et je souhaite que tu continues à avoir du succès avec ton service...Comme tu le dis toujours, le travail et le travail, mais parfois on a de moins bonnes performances quand même...c'est le sport...jamais pareil. TU JOUES MERVEILLEUSEMENT 2014, BRAVO #4 , ET QUE ÇÀ CONTINUE.....une fan sans condition, à jamais, COME ON R♥GER
31.03.2014 | 18:23
Just a comment about mental strength!! Any player with 17 slams, most weeks at #1,the most dominant 4 year run I have ever seen !! Matches were he's 90% against younger players giving it 120% just to say they beat Federer!! Even at 32 he's rewriting the record books!! His list of accomplishments are to numerous to mention!! I would prefer to respect the man and enjoy his tennis, not judge his mental strength !! A true fan
31.03.2014 | 16:58
Shameless Roger. See how Nole is closing his H2H gap against Nadal. Nole is the only Player on the Planet Earth beat Nadal 7 times in a Row.

But you are shamelessly increasing that H2H Gap. Tennis Legend like you, Does it Acceptable?

What a Shame on you. Can't you beat Nadal utmost at least once. It seems to be you borned to loose against Nadal. Shame.... Shame... Shame.
31.03.2014 | 12:00
Hello Roger,
how about a little flashback? I've made this video for you, because when I am watching you at the moment it just makes me feel like I am thrown back in time! It looks so effortless and easy :-) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CjdygFXKWs0
31.03.2014 | 10:02
Brilliant Roger, you are steadily moving yourself into a better seeding. Now you and Stan can collaborate to knock off Nadal and Novak from opposite sides of the draw, then face each other in a Grand Slam final! It's a plan! Best of Luck in Davis Cup.
amir ali mehrgani
31.03.2014 | 07:53
Hi.. you know something roger ? You are defeating yourself with bad mental conditions .. just look how novak swiped nadal 6-3_6-3 .....
Take a look at your past .. your good mental condition & you were happy .. but now it looks like someone forced you to the match ....
Work on your mental condition and come back at your best... you are peRfect man ... so plz come back and swipe all aponents like old times... ;-)
mental strength
31.03.2014 | 06:58
roger, in Dubai, you lost first set twice against and regained your mental strength to win the match. In Indian Wells and Miami, you won the first set, but then lost the matches. It's something for you to think about. You are the nicest athlete on earth, but, on court, you are also too nice. Please have killer instinct. When they are down, don't let them up. beat them more and more and more until it's all over. Look at how Novak trashed Nodal. He never let Nadal breath. He beat him to the end.