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01.04.2015 | 18:12
Dear Maestro, I hope the article in the North Denver News about your retirement is just an April Fool's joke.................!!!!!!!!!!!!
01.04.2015 | 16:44
Happy Birthday, Mrs Mirka Federer, have a beautiful day with your familiy.
31.03.2015 | 22:39
Will you come to Queen's, London , Roger? Please make it part of your schedule!!!!
31.03.2015 | 20:40
Please please please come to Rome! Last year we went to Madrid to see you but YOU had good reasons not to be there so please please come to Rome and reach the semifinalls :-) I already bought tickets! SEE you!!!
30.03.2015 | 04:44
Wishing you good training, good team thinking and planning, and rest and family time, Roger. Don't ask, just trust yourself. Play for yourself, and not for anyone else's desire of what they want or what they think you should have. You have been blessed; and you have always appreciated that. So go with that, and take your 'incomparable" abilities into the battle of the courts!
29.03.2015 | 23:58
Hi Roger,
I'm a big fan of yours, but I also know two kids (age 11 and 8) who look up on you.
I tried to find here, in UAE, two of your bandanas. Until now I have no success.
Do you know how I can contact Nike?
29.03.2015 | 04:19
Roger wishing you all the best I want so bad for you to win the Open and Wimbledon my favorite athlete EVER! Next tornoment if you ya Novak hit down the line with your back hand and forehand be aggressive step inside the baseline and kick some @$$. I just want you to WIN😊👊#GOAT🎾