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03.02.2016 | 11:51
All the best with the recovery of your knee. Hope to see you next year at ABN AMRO in Rotterdam.
03.02.2016 | 04:36
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03.02.2016 | 01:03
I still don't get it why Roger hired this new coach was beaten by him numerous times, beaten by Novak and Nadal. What is he coaching? how to lose to Novak and Nadal? It would make more sense to me if he hired Stan who beat Novak or Simon who took Novak to 5 sets or Boris who coached Novak. There are some strategic decisions I don't understand such as "no change in practice to deal with Nole If it don't work, why not change. Sorry, Roger, I am not a pro and may not know the insight, but still fan
02.02.2016 | 23:25
I've been a big fan of yours since 2003. Like many others i'm sure, I learned to play with a one-handed backhand because of you.

Wanted to give you a big thank you for continuing to inspire me. I'm always rooting for you, even though my Serbian girlfriend will always be a Djokovic fan.

Also, I wanted to suggest reading Jo Lourey's article about you: www.abc.net.au/news/2016-02-03/roger-federer-helped-me-turn-my-life-around/7125668

You helped her overcome suicide - powerful.

Your fan, JYL
02.02.2016 | 21:36
I believe Stan will stop Novak form reaching his calendar slam. Stan was sick at the AO this time. If healthy, he can go to the final because he has something Roger lacks - no fear of Novak, harder hit than Novak. To beat Novak, you can't give him short ball, soft ball to let him have ample time to set up and hit you with precision ground strokes. Even hitting corners to him is not enough as he can retrieve balls. Only way is to hit hard and fast and Stand can do it.
02.02.2016 | 16:52
It is supposed that someone have to administrate this fan page, someone have something to say?
02.02.2016 | 16:48
If someone of the Roger`s team takes care of this advice, please do something, whatever, but do it!...