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18.04.2014 | 17:43
Dear Roger, that was a tough match but well worth staying up late for.
Congratulations and well done you never gave up. Brilliant stuff.
Good luck for the next match. Kind regards to you all.
18.04.2014 | 17:40
Happy for you. Loved the way you prevailed in the second set and won the match. Have a good rest as you prepare to take on Djokovic or Garcia.

Hope the pregnancy is going well.

Stay sweet.
18.04.2014 | 17:35
Dear Roger Federer,
Now, on the third part of the match we have found the best Roger Federer. The gift for Tsonga has been finished. Go and Go because you have possibilities to win Djokovic. Go Roger! This is the intermediary note at 5-0. Congratulation Roger Federer.
18.04.2014 | 17:12
Hey Roger ich bin ein riesengrosser Fan von dir. Du bist für mich schon lange unsterblich und der grösste Spieler aller Zeiten. Ich komme wie du aus Basel und ein grosser FCB Fan:), ich bin auch Vater von Zwillingen und möchte dich unbedingt einmal persönlich kennenlernen. Die Mutter meiner Kids hat mir die Kinder weggenommen und mir ein riesiges finanzielles Loch hinterlassen. Könntest du mir helfen? Würde mich sehr über eine Antwort von dir freuen. LG Didi

You must wear red
18.04.2014 | 17:00
Hi Roger, it may sound silly but I note that when you have any spot of red color on your attire, be it the headband, the shirt or your shoes, you play extremely well and the balls simply fall the right way even when it clips the net. The colors red and white are also the only colors on my country's flag. I believe the color red makes us lucky! In tennis, we do need luck sometimes! Just an observation??
18.04.2014 | 16:32
Dear Roger Federer,
I am really sorry to make this comments but the match with Tsonga I have not see best player Roger Federer. I think Tsonga is your friend but the match has been wrong. You have made the gift in the hand of Tsonga. Any fighting Roger. Sorry dear Roger Federer!
Guillermo Paiz-Gillioli
18.04.2014 | 16:29
This year you are playing great again. Keep on enjoying playing !! Watching the Monte Carlo match with Jo Wilfred today I saw you missing some backhand crosscourt shots when Jo Wilfred were serving to your backhand. When you responded with a backhand down the line, it went much better.