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18.09.2015 | 07:13
Dear Roger, where can one devoted fan send to you a present? A friend and his family at South America made a simple handicraft piece for you. Simple but plenty full of love and admiration. fredypuntocom@gmail.com.
Thank you for the joy, thank you for the hope (#BEL18EVE!), thank you for your tenacious reinvention and most of all, thank you for being a great example in so many ways.
18.09.2015 | 05:50
Bonjour Roger. C'était très beau de te voir au travail l'autre jour. J'espère que tu as vu que quelqu'un te saluait très fort au moment où tu quittais l'arène.
18.09.2015 | 02:09
We wait you in 2016 you will win next grand slam
You are the better in all history
You are our best player in egypt
Andrew Thompson
18.09.2015 | 01:36
Roger: I thought you had an amazing tournament again. Novak was just a little more powerful with his down the line backhand. You play with such ease and the amount of court you cover is amazing. You don't seem to fall like Novak on the court fortunately.
You glide across the court. Congratulations on being in the final and it was a great one. Andrew
Padma Wickramasinghe
18.09.2015 | 01:01
Dear Roger,May everthing work out perfectly and give you and Stan straight set victories in all your matches against Netherlands in Geneva.Wish you and Stan the very best and Good Luck.
17.09.2015 | 23:17
Dear Roger, congratulations on great season so far! I and my wife were lucky enough to see your win at Cinci this year. You can beat them all if you are in right mindset (Murray in Wimbledon, Djoker in Cinci). Please don’t let Djokovic “get under your skin”. Good luck for the rest of the season!
A Plea from an Indian S...
17.09.2015 | 21:41
Hey Roger, I know there's a faint chance that you'll read this but, my college's sports fest is coming up soon. It's called Yuvardha. I'm part of the tennis team of the college. We would really love it if you could voice your support for us. You can find our page on facebook by the title "Yuvardha". We're going up against some of the best teams in the country's college circuit and would be honoured and privileged to have you support us, the underdogs, to go all out and win it!