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10.07.2014 | 14:33
Dear Roger, I think it was phenomenal what you did in the final. I guess you could have won this tournament, but that's sport. Thiss "loss" will make you even stronger and you will show us all the other things you can do. You are a marvellous person and an exceptional human being. All the best for you and your wonderful family. Be happy, always. Hugs and kisses
10.07.2014 | 12:47
Roger, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful aura that surrounds you. I can hold you up to my Grandchildren as a champion and an example of those who work hard,follow their dreams and succeed beyond measure. Much success in your future tournaments...Wimbledon was just a blip. A point or two determined the winner. Djokovic was correct...Thank you Roger for letting me win....We all heard it.!
10.07.2014 | 11:08
great performance indicating that we are promised with more years ahead with strong display .which kills the doubters...
Thanks for that
Allah bless you and family..
you blink
10.07.2014 | 09:15
Roger, watching the replay of your final against Novak, you played very well, especially the 4th set where you chased from down 2-5 to win the set. The momentum was on your side. You confidence should shoot to the sky. In the final set, you were doing fine until 4-4. it was then you blinked (double faults and a backhand to the net), giving the set away. I am curious what were you thinking because that determined how you played. Champions don't blink. So, don't ever blink if you want to win more.
09.07.2014 | 21:21
Hello Roger! Your sign is LEO, which means King of the Court! whether you lose or win. Roger you are hard as a rock! No one can take Your Place!i hope win the u.s open 2014,please do try to take the Fifth australain open and ofcourse the 8th Wimbledon.Only 12 months left so keep in form.Your 80th carrier title is just around a corner.So please dont give up.Go roger GO! Wish u all the best of Luck!
09.07.2014 | 21:06
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09.07.2014 | 21:04
hi , my name is aman , im from mumbai india , i am playing professional tennis and trying to make it as a prefessional , ive been playing some local tournament across the country and soon will start playing futures , i am your biggest fan and admire your game a lot and u are my role model not only on court but also off court , would u give me some advice on the game and your journey to becoming world no 1?