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23.01.2015 | 08:53
I don't care if you never win another game (and that is not going to happen!) you will always be the best tennis player that we have ever had. Without RF tennis would not be where it is today.
23.01.2015 | 08:36

Saludos desde Nuevo Laredo, Tamps.
23.01.2015 | 08:35
Shock horror! So sad you lost today. The only thing that might make up for it is Nick Kyrgios in the final. I think a long holiday in the Maldives will be just the right medicine at the moment. While I appreciated the exo in Sydney I think it would have been great if you could have had more of a break between Brisbane International and AO. 3 more Grand Slams to go this year anyway. Lots more to achieve and you will.
23.01.2015 | 08:29
Rog, i really believe you should be less "nice" with your serves. Youre a calm, classy gentleman. I get that. And i love that to bits. You are Tennis' gentleman. But that doesnt mean you have to be classy and gentle with your hits. On court, yes, good manners is good. But not when hitting the ball to your opponents. You have extraordinary talent, Roger. The only reason you lose these days is because you have lost that fiery temper you had with your serves as a younger Federer.
Please fix it. RF
23.01.2015 | 08:23
Dear Roger, not the result we all hoped for but in my eyes you will always be a Champion. Don't be too disappointed I cherish the 4 matches I saw you play in Brisbane when I visited there just 2 weeks ago. Kind regards to you, Mirka , the children and the team.
23.01.2015 | 08:16
Mr Federer!
I should probably call you Roger but I'm much younger than you.
I just saw you lose to Seppi in the AO on Melbourne TV a few minutes ago, and I think we're all disappointed.
You are the legend, and I feel like what you showed us today wasn't your best. You still played well enough, do not misunderstand me, but for Roger Federer, THE player of all time, it was not enough.
I respect you so much for being able to balance your family life and your work(tennis).
But please try harder. RF!
23.01.2015 | 08:15
Four kids. Davis Cup. #2 ATP. So, who needs Melbourne. That's OK GOAT. Have a good holiday.