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27.02.2015 | 10:54
Bonjour Roger,
on espère que tu auras une belle saison 2015. Tu as avec Novack, le meilleur tennis du monde. Alors on compte sur toi encore pendant de nombreuses années. Ton physique doit être au top.
Come on.
Padma Wickramasinghe
27.02.2015 | 10:19
Dear Roger,Believe in yourself and play with determination to lift the trophy.You really deserve it.Be calm and stay focused throughout with confidence.Fight for every point and get the lead early.May your serve and shots work perfectly to give you a win in straight sets against Coric.Our Prayers,Blessings and Positive Energy are with you,dear son.Good Luck to you.Wish you,Mirka and kids Good Health,Protection and Happiness always.
27.02.2015 | 08:26
Come on... Roger...!!!

Vous pouvez le faire...!!! Dubaï est pour vous...!!!

Mamie fan de tennis....
27.02.2015 | 07:52
Semi finals again for the King. Let's go Roger. No mercy just want to see you in the final. Next step lifting the trophy. all the very best for today
27.02.2015 | 06:05
Roger, after reading youngster Coric's statements, expectations, etc., I say go at it! Show him what he has to lose: a spot in the final, plus some other strengths that might not work out as well as he would like. I know they all want to win, of course, but he seems a bit cocky, head a little big already. He is like a little feather, and can use a lesson or two! grrr, go at it and take no prisoners! I mean it!!!("Sides, he did Andy in!) LOL!
27.02.2015 | 05:30
Playing with a maybe hot and rash, or just daring young man, Roger? He will try to play big and surprise you. Don't they all? He's friends with a leftie, so he might know about your game, but he doesn't know the extent of it. Clamp down on him, and be swift, but no mercy advised, except at the end. Really, play with instinct, great serving, don't hold back, and get his head spinning. Watch for surprises: stand your ground. Attacking or defending, play within yourself, and "kill" all volleys.
A Friend in Costa Rica
27.02.2015 | 04:38
...with you, don't fall prey to this young man's ambitions, he would love to beat you and Djokovic in Dubai so that he could be proclaimed the next big star of tennis, a giant killer,...well, do not allow him to do that, take courage and fight hard, with your heart and soul, this is important, be hungrier than this kid, be the one who kicks his ass and not the other way around, it's up to you, stop his winning streak, you can do it ! Use your legs, move well, fast and freely around the court.