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Dhawal Chawda \'\'D\'\'
25.11.2014 | 18:58
I had alto to write, but I forgot. I agree to MAYA, u're a gentleman without any arrogance or difference, u're so down to earth. U're d only tennis player who easily play a game without any frustration or shouts. Please guide me how to b a member.
Dhawal Chawda \'\'D\'\'
25.11.2014 | 18:52
I know I'm not going to meet u in this life, but I want to. U're d 'GOAT' roger of tennis, n what u've achieved, Noone can dare to. I wish 2015 will b yours, n u can win monte carlo, rome n yr end no. 1 specially & Olympics gold in 2016. Fed we r with u, we luv u.. Take care and keep smiling.
25.11.2014 | 18:51
You are the best tennis player in history - but much more importantly, you are a wonderful person.
25.11.2014 | 18:51
Toutes mes plus vives félicitations pour l'exploit sportif que vous avez réalisé !!!
Merci bien pour le plaisir que vous nous donnez !!!
J'ai eu la chance de vous voir à Bercy face à Chardy. Quelle émotion !!!
Dhawal Chawda \'\'D\'\'
25.11.2014 | 18:48
hello fed, I dnt knw whether u're going to read this or not, but I'm happy to get a way to express myself to u. I was not getting whether to address u 'roger or sir', its a saying in us that 'who r your own, it doesn't matter'. I use to say myself as your greatest fan but never saw your site. I'm d most stupid person of d world.. Hehe. I love u n respect u legend, I knw u must b having many ppl crazy 4 u, but 4 me its few including u.
Francis FF
25.11.2014 | 16:12
Bonjour "Monsieur" Roger Federer . Je suis ravie de pouvoir et vous écrire et intimidé.J'ai assisté à votre match dimanche et je n'avais d'yeux que pour vous et pour vous supporter bien que je fusse installé prés d'un groupe de supporter francais et français moi même.
Vous êtes trop beau à voir jouer. d'ailleurs grâce à vous j'ai rejouer au tennis Merci.
franchement bravo pour cette démonstration, le son de la balle l'élégance enfin tout .Je suis un fan. Fillon F
25.11.2014 | 11:23
Good morning Roger.. and a Big Congrats... to you and Team Swiss...
Fantastic season.. I do not think even you though this was possible but some where deep in side I think you knew. Bravo again and I believe on the horizon for next year I see one maybe two majors for you. Enjoy the time off with the family and will chat in 2015 down under..
Cheers.. AJ