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Vivek U
01.02.2016 | 11:39
Roger you are the best. Keep playing the way you play and enjoy tennis / life as much as possible at the career level you are. Your chances will surely come. There is only Novak who is stopping you right now so no reason to worry about anything. Your time I believe is just around the corner. We like you very very much.
01.02.2016 | 09:37
merci, Roger, pour ce beau tournoi, continue à croire en toi, tu as fais le plus beau point de la quinzaine!
01.02.2016 | 05:46
Thank you Miloindy. I thought so. And the Aus final against Rafa few years ago. It was Rafa's championship and he stole it from him just like that by pretending to be dead, down on the ground, to get Rafa to be soft and compassionate.
01.02.2016 | 05:22
You are so right Lynn2177 that Novak is a great pretender... you are spot on.
Yes I remember that match against Murray in 2015 - those wobbly legs. He plays the mind games doesn't he.
01.02.2016 | 05:19
Roger, I have been a great fan of yours for years and follow your matches with a passion. There are a few some who CAN BEAT NOVAK AND I BELIEVE YOU CAN.
Because he such a good returner in the game, perhaps you should consider body serves the next time you play him - this is sure to minimise his returns and free points for you. I can't wait to see you win another grand slam.
Keep it up and I wish you all the very best. You are a legend and a sports icon.
Good luck with everything.

01.02.2016 | 03:49
The only player that made Novak play 5 sets, was Simon. The reason he was able to make Novak to play 5 sets to win, was a slower pace. He was playing different speed that Novak is playing. Andy and you are trying to overpower Novak. Well, maybe there is a different way to win with Novak.....just be more precise than Simon was. I think that Simon's pace plus intelligent strategy will do the job.
Allan Borja
01.02.2016 | 02:31
Roger, thanks a lot for being a good model to my kids. I will be your fan forever.