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11.07.2016 | 13:05
It is a pity but so is life - you are my Inspiration in times when, when you fall, the next thing to do, is to get up, take a deep breath and walk again.
Tennis ballet fan
11.07.2016 | 13:02
Hi Roger, do you reply to these posts? I am 65 and my time is running out. On my bucket list is, "To watch Roger playing tennis". I can probably afford to travel to Europe where you may be playing, but can't afford to get there and find that you are not playing. Is it possible to be sure that I see you? I don't mind if it's not a Wimbledon final. round one will be good enough. is there a way to be sure? My first choice of venue would be Wimbledon. Many thanks.
Dr Rajendra Prasath
11.07.2016 | 12:37
Dear Roger, I( am very much disappointed with your distorted state at the semi final. Roger, I wrote to you long back... your game is fine... but you should control your emotions and excitation. It is very very essential than improving your game skills. You are a master ... but that would not be sufficient to move from 17 --->>> 18. I love to talk to you on your emotional balance ... Please Roger ... it is like a meditation to bring your energy to a single point to ensure that you cross 17 -->18
11.07.2016 | 12:15
first of all you have to thank novak for stopping nadal because your 17 slam record was under threat.Now its good that murray won the wimbledon which will boost murray to stop novak breaking your 17 slam record.You were winning many grand slams those days because there was no one to put off your game.But I hope that you win one more slam or the Olympics before you quit. Wish u all the best!
11.07.2016 | 10:26
Hi Roger Would love to have seen you in the final yesterday, mostly because it would be another chance to watch you. Murray was really good, but no-one looks like you on the court, no-one has that magic, that composure, that presence and no-one is nearly as good to watch as you. Anxiously watching out for news that you are OK. Do hope so. Enjoyed Hewitt's comments. Hope you get to read all these messages of support. All best wishes as ever.
11.07.2016 | 09:24
Cher Roger,
Bravo pour vos performances dans ce tournoi qui vous sied si bien !
C’est vraiment dommage pour le dernier match, mais je pense que tous les joueurs qui veulent arriver - sans votre talent - contournent le problème en faisant des services de malade : 230 km/h. Si c'est efficace, j'ai bien peur qu'à la longue le public s'en lasse !

Avec toute notre admiration.
11.07.2016 | 09:20
Murray defeating Raonic looked so easy.
I felt this was the last chance for you to get hold of Wimbledon trophy but you missed it. I can't digest you making two double faults in 4th set when heading 40-0 (5-6)!! not at all acceptable..