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09.07.2014 | 11:12
Dear Mr. Federer,
My husband and I are huge fans of yours. We finally got a chance to go to Wimbledon to see you play but unfortunately did not get a chance to see you live. We followed your matches on the T.V. in any of the pubs that had a T. V. Or in our hotel room. What an inspiration you are and a great role model. Looking forward to following to the U.S. Open. We were celebrating our 25th anniversary with you. L.A.
09.07.2014 | 09:48
Dear Roger, Mirka
Well done you have played and excellent match! I watch. I bite my nails - I could not move from the TV. What an amazing player you are... I have enjoyed the match and in South Africa there are lots of people supporting you. You are no 3 now! Me and lots of others wanted you to win so that you could have your 8th Wimbledon title. But, your face when your little girls lovely smiling faces appear in your supporters box.... Good luck with US Open. I will watch again.
09.07.2014 | 03:22
Dear Roger,

When the current number one player in the world plays the greatest tennis player in history, the result is an instant classic. The finals at Wimbledon demonstrated clearly why you are the greatest player to pick up a racket. You can judge a man's character best not when he wins but when he loses. You demonstrated the kind of determination and superlative play that has inspired millions of fans. Your courage in the face of adversity and defeat is truly awe inspiring.

09.07.2014 | 02:59
wow,what a game,it was like you of old. except it would have been much better if you had won. I just love to watch you play, you are so graceful and just glide over the court and your one handed backhand is to die for. Sure hope this has given you heaps of confidence for rest of the year. Keep going and best of luck for future games. you are the man,your no 1 new zealand fan,shirley
mental thing
09.07.2014 | 02:19
Roger, I think your loss to Novak was partially due to physical, but mainly due to mental strength. In the fifth set, it's all about guts and mental strength. I believe you have everything you need to win a slam except your mental. You need to look forward, not back. You need to lift off all the burdens on your shoulder. Just think how you would think when you were young, trying to win your first, second and third slam.
09.07.2014 | 02:00
Dear Roger, I absolutely agree with ABE, I was so upset about the results that I think you should definitely consider doing something in the situation when your opponent is leaving the court or taking medical time out. I also would like to point something to you Dear Roger. I was watching today your semifinal match with Djokovic from 2010 US Open. You lost in 5th set when you were leading 5-4 and you were to serve... You should think abut this closer. I think that Novak did. Think about it.=)
09.07.2014 | 01:25
Roger, if you played fifth set a little better then you could have win. When you serving at 5-4, you DOUBLE-faulted to 30-all, then netted a backhand for 30-40 — handing Djokovic a match point. What a shame.