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23.08.2015 | 22:10

A HUGE "WORLDWIDE CELEBRATION" - 7th Cincy Title / and Title No. 87 !!!

Thank you MAESTRO ! What a BEAUTY and GENIUS of Tennis, Roger !

I am extremely happy for you ! I am so proud of you !

NO BIGGER LEGEND than you in tennis ever !!! MASTERFUL !

Roger, you are the GREATEST ever !!!
For me, you are FOREVER No. 1 !!!

Go and DEMOLISH the same way at the US OPEN !

Love you forever !!!

GOD bless you and your lovely family & RFTeam !
Swati Mahajan
23.08.2015 | 21:53
Dear Roger,
Congratulations for 7th Cincy title and 24th masters titles. Victory well deserved and so proud of you. Hope you carry on this form to US open and make it 18th.

23.08.2015 | 21:50
Finally....I wish it was a Wimbledon final.well played and hope you win the u.s open.
All the best!
Nvart Ohannesian
23.08.2015 | 21:43
Dear Roger, Congratulations for this Victory. You are always the best. We wish you all the best and you always deserve it. Best wishes to your whole family. Love you all.
23.08.2015 | 21:37
Dear Roger CONGRATULATIONS on your 7th title in Cincinnati. What a record! Hats up! Keep the excellent game rolling all the way to NY. Best of luck and God bless you and your family :-)

23.08.2015 | 21:26
Genius, Pure Class, Mr Tennis, no words to describe the best sportsman ever! Congratulations also for the beautiful family you have.
23.08.2015 | 21:16
What a weekend to beat Murray and then Djokovic l feel great Roger THANK YOU my life is great with you in it and to see Mirka and the twins ecstatic doubled the pleasure GOOD LUCK IN NEW YORKxx