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Lisa England
10.07.2016 | 11:39
Roger my heart sank for you when you lost semi at Wimbledon...but you still are the greatest most sophisticated tennis player that ever lived ...you are the King Of Tennis and always will be. You are soooooo awesome!!! Xxxxxx
10.07.2016 | 09:51
Roger, courage ! très beau wimbledon malgré tous vos problèmes de santé, bonne chance pour la suite de la saison !

Monseigneur Roger SW19 ...
10.07.2016 | 08:57
Soudain, pour un moment, vous n'étiez plus là
Personne ne saurait dire pourquoi
C'est un signe, je vous assure
Qui vous sere dévoilé, bien sûr
Pour vous reconduire sur le chemin
Royal qui toujours vous appartient
Joyeuse et sereine soit votre été
Nous vous attendons à Rio, d'emblée
Serenabbracci circolari x 6
10.07.2016 | 08:24
Hi Roger !! I wonder if the nagging problem of your back has been properly solved ?
From my own experience of injuries (ankle , knee , back) , acupuncture can really do
wonders !! I think it is worth your serious consideration to try acupuncture , and it will
be my great honor to arrange the best doctor for you in Taiwan !!
10.07.2016 | 05:21
Roger, I am exactly the same age as you are. And you have been my favourite player for as long as I can remember. You 've been always such a classy player off and on the court, a real gentleman and a tremendous competitor. It's a tough loss to Milos especially when you came so close. But for me, regardless whether you win another Grand Slam or not you will always be a true champion and I consider it a real privilege to still see you perform at such a high level against the world's best .
10.07.2016 | 05:17
What a great match yesterday !! Came down to a few points. You almost won !!! So difficult following a tough 5 setter with Marin ! Difficult opponent in raonic. Good luck in your next tournament. Always so great to watch you play !! Your fans love to watch you play !!!!
Inguh Kim
10.07.2016 | 04:03
Hi Roger! Please, I want to see you continue to play professionally, even into your forties! And if you can win more slams, that would be fantastic!