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21.04.2014 | 03:37
Gracious in defeat Roger. I hope you are building momentum to hit your straps fully at RG and Wimby. And that the birth is peRFectly timed so that you can play in both big tournies.
21.04.2014 | 01:28
Roger, I hope you are home in the warmth and comfort of your family. It has been thrilling watching you this week and I share your genuine happiness for Stan. You are a master, not merely a success; no one can ever take that from you. Many who are not inspired by higher principles will always criticize; I hope you don't waste a second listening. You are a role model for all sportsmen. You have earned respect and love that others can only wish for. Do whatever makes you happy and content.
20.04.2014 | 23:13
So hard breaking to see go down in another final. Your'e playing great tennis keep it up and also keep up the pressure in finals,its time for another masters tiltle. Believe in yourself to win them we believe in you best of luck in Madrid.
20.04.2014 | 21:49
Roger, tu étais, tu es et tu resteras le meilleur à mes yeux (et pas qu'aux miens). Tu es la légende du tennis! Je t'admire. Non seulement tu es el maestro, mais aussi tu es quelqu'un de sincère, simple et loyal (pas comme d'autres tennismen). Beaucoup devraient te prendre comme exemple. Bonne continuation et j'espère que cette année RG sera à toi! Félicitations à Mirka et à toi pour votre 3ème enfant. Take Care
(Kelly DENHEZ - Raismes, Nord de la France)
20.04.2014 | 21:40
Dear Roger, congratulations on continuing playing in finals this year! Keep up your this great job, build on it and you'll win!Always pleasure to watch your classy play!
Be more aggressive/offensive, believe in yourself and your talent! Your fan forever
20.04.2014 | 21:04
Stan has beaten Nadal, Djokovic and Federer this year. Surely he should not be left out of the big four conversation now.
Pascal Arnaud
20.04.2014 | 20:50
Bravo quand même après cette finale à Monte-Carlo. C'est toujours un grand plaisir de voir jouer quelqu'un qui a le geste juste et le placement juste.