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05.07.2015 | 15:46
Majestic so far this week ,hope it continues next week, you look in great shape,good luck .
05.07.2015 | 11:47
Good morning Roger....
Your first Sunday well done... our goal to reach the second Sunday... This is it....
Enjoy this day off and enjoy strawberry breakfast with the family..
Tomorrow we turn it up a notch.. and start making the run to the final..!
05.07.2015 | 11:24
What a briljant player now on Wimbledon. Thank you for that en I hope you will win the title again
Jean Ross
05.07.2015 | 10:41
Brilliant player and what a magnificent ambassador for tennis. Thank you, and God bless you and your family.
05.07.2015 | 09:25
Hi Roger, your the true gentleman of tennis an ambassador to the sport with on & off court manners I wish the new and upcoming players would look at your example your games are a true pleasure to watch, good luck to you and your family for now and the future
05.07.2015 | 08:58
I see a clear "Win-Wim-Situation" - Roger!
05.07.2015 | 08:27
Hi Roger, another win in true class and style - even against a fellow Aussie. Some might say a dream run, but then they are not amongst the party within you before, during and after any match. Absolute gentleman of tennis that has earned and deserved it all. Many are willing and wishing you your 8th Wimbledon title this year, and so am I you so deserve it and I doubt many would want it any other way. Good luck as I burn the night hours to watch the grace of your play. xxx