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30.10.2014 | 19:11
Hello roger i am a HUGE FAN of yours, i am following your career since your wimbledon 2012 triumph you are coming to india on 6-8 december SUPER EXCITED about that. It would be A DREAM COME TRUE for me if i can JUST click a picture with you on that day, i know it's silly but if you read this message and just reply i will never ever forget that thing and cherish it all my life. Looking forward to your exhibition match at delhi, and BEST OF LUCK FOR PARIS, WTF AND WORLD NUMBER 1...:-)
30.10.2014 | 15:37
Dear Roger...Good Luck ATP Paris i m sure u win this title..but i dont know your 2015 tournament calendar i want u go more tournaments next year( rotterdam, hamburg,tokyo,stocholm...) and i believe u read my message and do it...i love you so much..Good Luck
30.10.2014 | 14:36
Siempre serás el mejor!!!!!!!!

Saludos desde Nuevo Laredo, Tamps.
30.10.2014 | 13:37
hello sir,
CONGRATS for the win against chardy.
i think he is a hard hitter and played some exceptional tennis.
but, from my point of view you were quite ahead in that mentally that helped you to win.
please do concentrate on your UNFORCED errors count and be AGGRESSIVE, as that bring outs the best of yours.
ALL THE BEST for your next encounter against pouille and try to beat him convincingly and in straight sets, which i am pretty much sure you will.
30.10.2014 | 08:19
Félicitations RF ...ce match livré entre vous et Chardy a été très intense, captivant et indécis jusqu'à son terme. La prestation avérée de part et d'autre méritait d'être relevée, tout en étant heureux que la conclusion de ce duel aie été en votre faveur. Aujourd'hui, vous affrontez un ATP 176è. Vainqueur de Karlovic !, Attention .. à la pelure de banane ...Pouille est prêt à bouleverser la hiérarchie . Bonne chance.
30.10.2014 | 06:57
Lieber Roger,

Glückwunsch zu deinem Erfolg gegen Chardy, du hast toll gefightet und dir am Ende den Sieg auch echt verdient!
Ich wünsche dir für Heute alles alles Gute im Achtelfinale gegen Pouille, es ist nie einfach einem Spieler das 1. Mal gegenüber zu stehen, aber du wirst das packen! Glaub an dich Champ, dann wirst du auch in Paris-Bercy sehr weit kommen! :) Go, Roger!!! :)
30.10.2014 | 05:33
Dear Roger
What a thrilling 1st set and then the remainder of the match too.Your subdued celebration on winning shows that you weren't that happy with your performance but it was enough to win.Sooo happy and thank you thank you for the effort you put in to win and make us fans so happy.I am glad Karlo is out of your path as I just don't fancy these hard hitters who win only because of the serve.Pouille will play you more as a fan than an opponent but you cannot underestimate anyone.