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19.01.2015 | 18:10
Cher Roger,

En Suisse, ce matin nous avons pu t'admirer lors de ce premier match en Australie. Ton succès a fait de toi l'homme aux 1001 victoires ! Sublissime ! Félicitations pour ta tenue couleur SOLEIL, tu resplendis dans la lumière !!! Quelle joie pour nous de t'avoir comme compatriote !

Avec toute notre admiration !
19.01.2015 | 17:07

Congratulations on your win yesterday ! Great play, great outfit ( you look super cool in the vibrant colors ) Good luck for the rest of the Australian Open !
Best regards.

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19.01.2015 | 12:13
Great win! Sublime play! Slam winning performance. All the best for 2015 and I hope you can keep the momentum of the Davis Cup win to sprinboard you to another grand slam win.
Very best wishes to you and your family.
Megan Anne
19.01.2015 | 12:12
I never tire of watching you Roger! Always look forward to January when you come to Australia. You are an inspiration to everyone with your sportsmanship and generosity. I hope to be able to go and see you play here one day, it's on my 'bucket list'. I love it when you sign the camera and wave... I know it's for me! Good luck for 2015
Nesi Muthucumaru
19.01.2015 | 11:17
Stayed up to watch Roger's opener!! Great match Roger! Such a joy to watch you at your best! You "fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee!!" Great shotmaking!!may the Force be with you throughout! You are the best!
19.01.2015 | 11:13
Quite some play, Roger! BRAVO! You were everything, serving, great variety, attacking the net, shotmaking, driving volleys. It was a smorgasbord of the arrows in your quiver! A pure delight, and you gave one an appreciation of how you can go on, so quick, moving ahead with such force and determination, like a tidal wave, yet wonderful to behold. Lu played very well, I thought: but you gave him no real chance! Love your camera signing and wawing!