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24.03.2015 | 12:00
Hi Roger, Thanks for the great performance in Indian Wells. Novak had a better game that day. Rest up and looking forwards to Monte Caarlo. Your Brillance remains as always and it is a pleasure to watch you!!
24.03.2015 | 06:14
Hi Roger,
It was a privilege to see you play in Indian Wells! Dream come true! I made the decision on Friday to drive from L.A. to Indian Wells and see two semifinal matches and two Doubles Finals. It was my first time there and I will plan to comeback next year in 2016 and volunteer and stay the whole week!! It is worth it! My bucket list is checked: to see roger played LIVE! and I hope to see many more matches from now on!
24.03.2015 | 02:01
A true fan will always support you and will always think you are the best, this is me. The best of luck in Montecarlo! I enjoy watching you play!
23.03.2015 | 23:47
Herzliche Gratulation zu deiner wunderbaren Woche in Indian Wells.
Es war ein Genuss dich so elegant und charismatisch erleben zu dürfen.
Geniesst in vollen Zügen, die Skiferien in der Schweiz - mit deinen Kindern, Mirka und den ganzen Familie Federer, die dir immer eine grosse Stütze ist und dir die nötige Portion Glück und Zuversicht gibt.
#1 Fed fan
23.03.2015 | 23:11
My Opa and I love you Federer! We bond almostdaily over you and your accomplishments and we watch every match. My Opa is 89, and he is your all time die-hard fan! We hope you can kick Novak out of that #1 rank. That is your spot! Your the most classy and well-rounded player alive! Keep up the great work! Kudos to you and your foundation!
A Friend in Costa Rica
23.03.2015 | 22:28
...will always do. I make mistakes like everyone else, sometimes I get a little carried away trying to motivate you before an important match ( as if you needed it ) but I always mean well for you. I would really like you to acomplish even greater things in tennis than the ones that you already have...before you retire in 2,3 or 4 years or whenever you decide to do it. This is why I would like you to win another Grand Slam and some other tournaments, maybe another Masters..because I know you can
23.03.2015 | 22:23
Mon Roger! Éblouissement total,ravissement,émerveillement.....ce sont les mots qui me viennent au coeur quand je te vois!!Bonheur total!Et je t.en souhaite des tonnes,en famille et sur les courts!Je t.embrasse,mon Champion