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18.08.2014 | 07:44
Herzliche Gratulation zu. 80.sten Sieg - wie immer das Match spannend bis zum Schluss. Deine Eleganz beim spielen und die mentale Stärke sind bewundernswert.
Viel Glück an der US.Open...
18.08.2014 | 06:55
Dear Roger

What a match! The 2nd set was a bit scary but when you take a toilet break everything falls in place. I don't know what you tell yourself but its all good. Am so so so happy to see you lift a crown. The future is so hopeful and I feel so good about your chances at the US Open. Cant wait. Your girls were such a pleasant sight after the match. Go Roger.

18.08.2014 | 06:51
A awad
18.08.2014 | 05:35
Ta discipline et persévérance te place à un niveaux de perfection incomparable, un bon coup de pouce pour ton prochain US open , savoure ta victoire .
Nesi Muthucumaru
18.08.2014 | 05:35
Congratulations, Roger on this wonderful win!! You work so hard and you deserve every second of this great moment! May you have many more wins. Just like good wines!! Better with age!! You can teach these young guns a thing or two about playing not just great tennis but off court behavior!!! Wishing you the very best at the Open! The Force is with you always!
18.08.2014 | 05:18
Dearest Roger:

Congratulations, I am extremely happy, WE are ALL happier - the WORLD
is CELEBRATING this unforgettable moment, wow !! 6th Title in Cincy and
8O Title in your amazing career and counting Roger ! What a phenomenal
achievement, just remarkable, masterful tennis, without a doubt a GREAT CHAMPION and sublime tennis player. I am so proud of you Maestro and
want to see you play for many years to come !

I love you forever ! You are my inspiration always !

GOD bless you !
18.08.2014 | 04:59
Congratulations Roger on your 22nd Masters 1000 title and 80th career title overall. I'm so proud to be your fan. Thank you for making me love tennis this much. Good luck in the US Open. Go for US Open title no.6! God bless you and your family.