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javy saavedra
30.01.2016 | 04:44
I've been telling you this for eight consecutive years, call me please.
30.01.2016 | 04:41
You can not be playing any more, not without having a clear first service strategy, call me up please.
javy saavedra
30.01.2016 | 04:32
It is time to call me up, because do i know how to improve your first service, it's urgent and you know it, please call me back.
Leesa Carden
30.01.2016 | 00:50
Please Roger, take up reiki. Believe.....
30.01.2016 | 00:37
I am really sorry that the media are being so unfair at present; THEY are writing off every other player (even being unkind to and about them) and insisting the public support Djokervic (cant spell it). He is all over the newspapers in Great Britain and you have to search for the little bit about Andy Murray. It is probably the same everywhere. Why should people like Djokervic? Roger had no competition Djoker has, (Roger amongst others) is that not a contradiction.
A fan
29.01.2016 | 20:49
It's only being more strategic that will help. The talent isn't lacking.
29.01.2016 | 20:29
Roger we will never lose faith in you. Novak was determined to win and he played all
out. He will not be able to keep up this constant attack. His time will come too. When
Milos gets better he will see the other end of that force. Mainly I want to say you are
a joy to watch and there will never be another Roger Federer. The work you have put
into becoming what you are today is overwhelming. You are a legend. Nice to hear
about the September match set up for Rod Laver. It will be a pleasure.