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02.03.2015 | 00:13
Oh..und natürlich gratuliere ich für den Erfolg in Dubai! Supergut!
02.03.2015 | 00:12
Roger, can you explain why you are not included in today's Emirats Ranking for the race to London? Do you intend to play in London this year?
Roger & Stella
02.03.2015 | 00:11
Congratulations Roger on winning the Dubai Championship! We'll always cheering for you!
01.03.2015 | 23:07
**HUGHSIE, nice to see your posts! I am very pleased that you saw the outstanding quality in the young Federer to such extent that others thought you just couldn't be right! But you have the eyes and that judgment! (Through some tougher years, I steadfastly said Roger is not done at all, and still say so. I had similar reactions.) I am pleased for you: and of course for Roger, who has such a great fan. Greetings!
01.03.2015 | 22:09
Congrats for the Dubai title.
I am surprised Roger has decided to choose to play 5 clay court tournaments this year and to skip Miami. I think he has a bigger chance on hard court. Yet, I wish him the best of luck.
fan of Roger
01.03.2015 | 21:00
I am appealing to Pakistain fans, why are you leaving Roger FB. Amount of fans liking his official FB is dropping so quickly because of that Jersey. You have taken this too far. Roger didn't mean to offend you, he has apologise but it seems that apology is not enough for you. Roger is human, why don't you accept his apology. It is a shame that Roger is punished for showing this Jersey and losing fans over it.

True fans do not desert Roger, after what Roger has done for Tennis.
01.03.2015 | 20:50
Congratulations on your win against Djokovic and lifting the trophy for the SEVENTH time. What an accomplishment.

Looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the players at Indian Wells in a couple weeks.

Stay sweet.