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22.08.2016 | 19:59
I am from America, the flag was an accidental mistake.
22.08.2016 | 19:56
Roger, it is extremely sad that you have called an end to your 2016 season. I am a teen from America and have been following you for years with a burning passion. My dream is to one day become an ATP pro and play tennis with you because you are my role model. You are polite on court, and, of course, amazing at tennis! Keep high-achieving in 2017, tennis needs you and has become boring without you!
22.08.2016 | 14:59

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22.08.2016 | 04:55
If I could handle this injury, he did not need to take so long time to recover

[..] have proven it all, really!
susanna key
21.08.2016 | 21:22
Roger, I was very disappointed, when I heard, that you have ended this season.
Get well soon, I wish you at least one more Grands slam title... I am your big fan..
Leslie Horenburger
21.08.2016 | 18:45
My husband, Fred Horenburger, owns a Fred's Tennis in Delray Beach FL. and he is a HUGE fan of yours. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer in January and has had extensive surgery, but is back at work and doing well. Our 25th wedding anniversary is 8/23/16. Is there any chance you could send him a Happy Anniversary e-mail to fredstennis@bellsouth.net...or call 561-243-8866. We will be in NYC for the US Open also....if his health allows. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
A Friend in Costa Rica
21.08.2016 | 08:17
Tonight I saw Grigor Dimitrov lose the semifinal match against Marin Cilic at Cincinnati, I felt really bad that Grigor lost that match, he could have won it, he had some very good chances in the second and third sets, maybe you were watching that same match too, as I know Grigor is a good friend of yours, it's just too bad Grigor didn't win that match, he deserves better...I truly hope he finds a way to get better and make it to the top like he deserves....I hate that guy Cilic, can't stand him