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no nadal
24.10.2014 | 23:32
it's too bad you can't play Nadal or you would crush him. Why is it that when you were injured with your back at Indan Wells last year, he took advantage against you and now, it's chance for you to settle the score with him, he couldn't even give you a chance. But I dare say, with your attacking mode and confidence, from now on, every time you will beat him. I hope there are 20 times so you have a winning record against him.
24.10.2014 | 23:17
Merely sensational in Basel. What a joy it is to see you play. How you maintain your focus with all the hometown pressure is a mystery of the first order. But maintain it you do,and on you go. Wonderful. Go!
24.10.2014 | 23:11
Wonderful play, and a self-assuredness that I love to see. it is in you, your mind, your nerves, the body-mind hardwired for the game, and for creative and new solutions. YOu keep on getting better, and more amazing, and thrilling to look at. NO one plays the way you do, and I mean that all players have their styles, but your style is from Mount Olympus!!! Bless you, and luck, and do some tree cutting please.
24.10.2014 | 22:52
Hello sir,
good to see you in attacking mode against dimitrov..
keep it up..
do well in the semi..
attack mode
24.10.2014 | 19:05
Roger, perhaps it's too late to remind you or you don't event look at this forum, but I must say that I watched your first set of play against Istomin and you seemed to forget to attack. You seemed to fall back to the old passive way which got you into trouble with player like Nadal and Novak. Your recent success in Shanghai clearly showed you need to be in attack mode to create more chances for net volley. That's much needed to beat Nadal down the road. Good luck.
24.10.2014 | 18:16
Roger, friendliness is good, but for some, familiarity breeds contempt. Make certain that any that some may have unwittingly nurtured toward you is corrected, prompty and unmistakably!!!!!! Do what you do best: and play with all your fullest self-confidence. Luck, Godbless, and Take No Prisoners!
Your Greatest Fan!
24.10.2014 | 17:41
Congratulations and You can do it!!!