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23.07.2015 | 14:52
Dear Roger, I found your name on the entry list of WSOPEN (www.wsopencom), but this event is not on your schedule. I simply want to know why? Did you just change your plan?
23.07.2015 | 14:40
Please update your schedule.because i can not wait to see you in court again and win more more titles..you always my hero.i always pray for you to win more titles .love u ..god bless you
23.07.2015 | 12:54
J aime beaucoup Roger !!! Un des plus grands. Même si je pense que pete sampras reste le meilleur de l histoire
Swati Mahajan
23.07.2015 | 12:50
Here's wishing Charlene and Myla a very Happy Birthday. Many Happy Returns of the day. Roger, have fun and enjoy the day. Good luck for the rest of the season.

23.07.2015 | 11:33
Поздравляю маленьких Myla and Charlene с Днем рождения! Желаю им крепкого здоровья и огромного счастья! Пусть под защитой Всевышнего мир открывается им всегда только с лучшей, прекрасной и волшебной стороны!

and Спасибо за такие хорошие новости из Malawi, Roger!
Пусть Аллах поможет нам всем в наших добрых делах!

22.07.2015 | 19:57
Finally got an RF T-shirt and sporting it with pride in NYC today. HOPING to see you at practice sessions in NYC at USO. Last year I saw everyone but you. My daughter and I were crestfallen. Will try both weekend days before the tourney begins this year. Here's hoping! LOVED the footage from Malawi. Not only are you the maestro on court, but you are contributing so much off court as well. xox!
22.07.2015 | 19:55
You enjoy the work you do for your foundation. You also enjoy playing professional tennis. This enjoyment, driven by a passion, is In itself, your greatest reward. Losses are inevitable because perfection is a benchmark to strive for but that no one can ever attain. And losses are the trials and tribulations that eventually lead to success for those who persevere. You have persevered and proved many people wrong when your tennis was not at its best in 2008. Keep enjoying this life's journey.