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01.09.2014 | 05:23
You are the champion, of the world!!!!!
Como dice la canción de QUEEN!!!!!!
saludos desde Nuevo Laredo, Tamps.
Pd pcpiesymiau
01.09.2014 | 03:23
I feel sorry for Djokovic right now. If you play like you did from set #2 - 4, then no one can touch you.. Not Nadal, not Djoko, not a composite of those two.. no one! You played angry and furious. Don't anybody mess with Le Fed when he be ticked off like he was at the end of the first set :) Boy, you where ready to serve from the tunnel after the rain delay, weren't you?? You're playing like you're 23 not 33. Hope you keep it going - # 18 coming up next Monday. Best oh health!
01.09.2014 | 03:22
Hi roger, amazing stuff out there, after the first set, many of your doubters said this is going to be Tommy Robredo all over again, but no you did amazing and completely destroyed Marcel in the last three sets winning 18 - 2 of the last 20 games, keep it going champ! With this incredible high level of play no one can stop you; I won't be surprised if I see you lift the title in a week, this is beauty in its own divine grace, we love you
01.09.2014 | 02:56
Roger! untired of Victory. Quelle aisance, quel plaisir pour nous. Merci très Chers, "Beauty is his footsteps..."
01.09.2014 | 02:56
Consgratulations, Roger! You won because you are the greatest player. I think you saw how Granolles played, and then came on. I don't think the humidity had much to do with it, although it must have been a challenge. You were great, and kind, because you could have supplied a bage or two! Wonderful to watch you: amazing shots, and great serving. (I didn't like the comms on TSN2: theydidn't know what they were talking about.) Go on, Roger: just trust yourself, and don't give them ground!
01.09.2014 | 02:50
Well done Roger, despite losing the 1st set. You're always not good with rain delays. The anxiety of when the delayed match will be played can destabilize any player. However it was good your match was scheduled earlier. From a day match, it became a night match. Some of today's night matches may have to be cancelled. So go have a good early rest. Only you can fill up the biggest stadiums of the world. Only you have millions of fans! God bless you always!
01.09.2014 | 00:46
Awesome tennis player!!! Awesome person!!!!