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27.08.2014 | 03:43
Bravo, dear Roger! Unfortunately I could not watch,only some unsatisfactory livescores that did not go point by point, but game by game. I want to see this match, as it looks wonderful as pwer results, and I read that you sparkled! Step One, important, is done! Rest, and have your inner resolve at the back of your mind, in the center of your being, so that you are free to play with your great brilliance, or endure when you have to until your chance. Your victory lifts the spirit!
27.08.2014 | 03:40
Congratulations on your first round win at the US Open Roger. An excellent match and great to watch. Although a lot of talk about your shoes and yes they look great.
I thought the shirt and matching shorts are very stylish. Good luck in the next round. Kind regards, to you, Mirka, your children and the team.
JT Zhang
27.08.2014 | 00:32
Good luck Rog
Joe & Mitzi Felice
27.08.2014 | 00:18
We have a friend in common...Ian McKinnon...Taught him tennis at Albuquerque Country Club from age 10-18. Also, thank you for sending your video to Loren Dils...taught him and his twin brother Alan when they were young. You continue to be our favorite tennis player! Good Luck at the US Open!
26.08.2014 | 21:58
Dear Roger Your true fans will be cheering you on at the USO. You have always
done well there and we are optimistic the outcome will be great. You have been
playing so well and I am sure you are confident and ready. GOOD LUCK and beat
them all. Lots of press and pundits are wishing you well. We are waiting for
your response. Go for it. Just do it. Love to you all.
26.08.2014 | 20:59
Dear Mr Federer. I just saw your "betterer" picture - and smiled :-) It reminded me of my words on your guest book this spring:
"The older the wine, the better the wine.
The older the Federer, the betterer the Federer!"
... and you even got BETTERER (not to say bettererer ;-)
Betterer luck for the US Open!
26.08.2014 | 20:48
Ich wünsche Dir, dass Du jede Minute auf dem Platz geniessen kannst - egal, gegen wen Du spielst.... und neben dem Platz eine gute Zeit mit Deiner Familie! :-)