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26.08.2015 | 16:04
Gracias, maestro eterno, ojalá ganes el OU y que te cruces con Nadal y le des su merecido.
26.08.2015 | 15:04
Thanks Maestro for what you offer to the whole globe..
Allah bless you and family
waiting for your GS #18..
26.08.2015 | 12:03
Hi Roger
All the best for the US Open
I noted with disappointment Kyrgios gets to continue with his wicked ways. Yeh I know he is young and learning. How ridiculous.
I also noticed at the Nike launch Genie was on your right then left for the photo shoot. Everyone else mixed around but not you two!
26.08.2015 | 09:01
Dear Roger, my mother is your absolute biggest fan and schedules everything she does around your matches. She just turned 80 years old and you are one of the only things she has left to enjoy in this world. Thank you for being who you are
Zeeshan Khalid
26.08.2015 | 08:45
Dear Roger Federer Hello,
Waiting for you in US open last Slam of year was very happy for you in Cincinatti in final and also in semi-final.
Zeeshan Khalid
26.08.2015 | 08:44
Dear Roger Federer Hello,
26.08.2015 | 08:27
L'arte non annoia ed affascina sempre,
il tuo tennis è proprio così.....