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20.04.2014 | 19:45
Although it's not the desired result. It's okay. And congratulations to Stan. A bit disappointed, I hope you can win a Master 1000 this year and even more titles. You deserve it, you have always been The Great Roger! Come on! Love you. Bless Mirka and the kids.
20.04.2014 | 19:42
La finale suisse ! Et nous avons vu du beau tennis. Bien sur, j'aurais préféré vous voir vanqueur, mais, hélas, Stan le voulait aussi, ce titre. Tous mes compliments pour votre semaine à Monte Carlo et allez, Roger, ce sera pour la prochaine fois, à Rome, pourquoi no.
Joyeuse fête de Pâques .
20.04.2014 | 19:41
Dear Roger Tough lose and when you lose I am unhappy but Stan was determined.
You both had a good tournament. I think the Tsonga match was a tough one and no
time to recover. We still love you and cannot understand the nasty comments on
your sight. Please just say job well done. We will see you in Madrid and we still
love to watch you play. You had a busy weekend before play to fly to Monte Carlo
and then fly home and then back was extra special for you. We have not given up
on you. Love to all.
20.04.2014 | 19:22
Good for both nice match.
Roger strong and agile.
Padma Wickramasinghe
20.04.2014 | 19:03
Dear Roger,You played so well throughout this week.It is just bad luck that you lost the second set.Believe in yourself and keep practising for the rest of the tournaments.Look forward to the future with confidence.May you win all the tournaments you wish to win from now on.Our Prayers,Blessings and Positive Energy are with you always,dear son.Wish you,Mirka and kids Good Health,Protection and Happiness.
Swati Mahajan
20.04.2014 | 19:03
Dear Roger,
Very disappointed, should have won in 2. After winning the Ist set, shd have been more motivated & have played a good tie breaker. In the 3rd set, you stopped fighting, body language becomes passive & title slipped from your grasp once again. This was the best chance to win MC . You lost 3 out of 4 finals. Won barely Dubai & missed out 2 master titles. Don't be such a nice guy. It's all about titles & business. Maintain friendship off court. Hope u win some titles & GS.
Love always
20.04.2014 | 18:52
That's a PITY. Only summary of that final. So many ruined opportunities, and now you'll never have a title in Monte Carlo although you were so close from winning it. I hope you'll win a Master 1000 this year, after all the finals you've lost, that's never funny. You deserve it, you have to have that FIRE that made you win FINALS before, I hope you still play tennis to win Finals and Tournaments, not only to give you a shot at them. You're a great tennis player and you can win those finals !