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Nancy Wheeler
20.04.2014 | 18:25
Dear Roger...what a fabulous run at Monte Carlo! I would imagine that you have inspired Stan and so many others to be a gracious champion and live it as you have.
It was painful to see you lose, but you could not have lost to anyone who has worked harder than Stan. Friendship always plays a part in life and you have gathered more friends than most. You have certainly gathered the FANS who love you no matter what. Enjoy your day, keep up the good work and we look forward to your next moments.
20.04.2014 | 18:08
I would further add that his performance this year should be commended. To all those who thought and do think that his is done, I think he has proven them wrong. He is doing well and I for one think he will win some more titles.

Good luck Roger.
20.04.2014 | 17:57
Dear Roger, sorry you've lost the match, you could have won.
You're my champ forever! Keep going.
Warm greetings.
20.04.2014 | 17:54
When i saw you practicing with stan before the match, i felt it's wrong, Roger! Friendship made you lost this important match!!
The only time stan won over you was in this tourney, and the next day of your wedding! Roger, this is a sport competition, please be professional. You should try everything to win. Share your secret/coach with your opponent is not a smart thing to do. You hurt your fans man, and yourself. Trying to be a Mr. Nice to your opponent is very selfish, i am so hurt Roger!
20.04.2014 | 17:46
Hallo Roger
Grosse Enttäuschung!!! Du hast Stan das Match geschenkt. Warum?
Sylvia, Sabrina, Josian...
20.04.2014 | 17:43
Journée HISTORIQUE pour la Suisse ! Bravo Roger ! Bravo Stan ! Quelle belle image pour notre pays, et surtout merci pour votre sportivité, votre charisme, votre force tranquille. Impossible d'oublier que vous êtes dans notre coeur !
20.04.2014 | 17:39
Ecstatic you're playing the finals only to see you lose a title and a match you should have won. You already won the 1st set. Couldn't you be motivated to win just 1 more set in order to win the title? Pessimistic that you can ever play long matches. It seems you have to win in straight sets or lose the match. Your opponents no longer fear you, Stan included. You have to win on your own merits rather than wait for your opponent to lose steam. Time is no longer in your favor so PRIORITIZE TENNIS!