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29.06.2015 | 05:01
Dear Roger, with your first game not far away I would like to wish you all the very best in your quest to win another Wimbledon title. It is a pleasure and privilege to watch you play tennis no matter what time of day or night it is here I will be watching. I love seeing all your Wimbledon photos on Facebook. They are magic.
Kind regards to you, Mirka, your 4 beautiful children, and the team.
All the way!
29.06.2015 | 05:01
Roger, on the eve of Wimbledon 2015, know that you're an inspiration to all of us 30+ year olds, parents juggling work and kids, and those who appreciate true sportsmanship as well as great athleticism. Your grace on and off the court is a model for all professional (and amateur) athletes.

My one bucket list item was to see you play live and I got that chance this year at Indian Wells where you were superb! Go get 'em. We're behind you with every glorious backhand and ferocious forehand!!!~mgp
29.06.2015 | 02:01
Roger, as you start Wimbledon, I hope you do these throughout the tournament and win it all -- quick (taking away your opponent's time) on grass, aggressive (attack within the first three hits and not wait), and most importantly, believe in yourself no matter what (losing a point, a game or a set). Keep attacking and charging and hitting and net play. be determined and confident, believing the victory is yours and nobody else. May everything go your way and best luck and 18-8
29.06.2015 | 01:54
Those cheating Spanish!!! Can you believe that Ferrer waited til one hour after the draw was announced to pull out of Wimbledon? And now Nadal gets to play someone around 137 in the FOURTH ROUND instead of Ferrerl!!! I sure don't like Ferrer anymore, he seems to be as bad as the rest of the Spanish Mafia.... go Maestro and Stan, get them!
29.06.2015 | 01:11
Avec toi de tout mon coeur pour WIm you win 2015 = 8888888.....18 !
Good luck !
Don Matthews
28.06.2015 | 21:22
Roger, so many (including me) want you to keep winning, especially Grand Slams and most of all, Wimbledon. We want you to win not just for you, but for us too. We want to believe records can be broken and that "old dogs" can teach "young pups" a lesson. You definitely have what it takes. I just hope circumstance, luck and fate shine on you and that you pull it off. Good luck! Don PS more than just your stunning tennis, I admire your grace & compassion. The two combined are priceless.
28.06.2015 | 20:55
Somebody is praying for you Roger and wishes you all the best. Love.