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13.07.2016 | 10:28
C'était tout remarquable d'être en demi-finales la semaine passée après le manque d'entrainement ce printemps. Il 'y a que Roger Federer pour faire cela ! Tu es peut-être tombé sur ta bête noire ce jour-là. A mon avis il n'y a pas de raison d'être découragé. Je pense bien à vous. XX
Jerry Fine
13.07.2016 | 02:23
Thank you so much for playing a point with my grandson Asher Ferreira today at the hall of fame. What a great memory for him! We are ver very grateful. He is so happy.
12.07.2016 | 21:13
A person who falls and gets back up is stronger than a person who never fell. Come on Roger get up.
12.07.2016 | 21:04
Hi Roger, Please try to play your best game in SFs /Fs without worrying about the trophy. No one knows better than you as to how to win a trophy. Go for it. Enjoy Life.
12.07.2016 | 16:31
jetztet,jetzt schreibe ich dir aus Israel weil du Wimbledon gewonnen hast und beides stimmt doch ..soll aber stimmen! Ich will es feiern?!
12.07.2016 | 15:39
Roger, you are a champion and always will be. Don't let this loss at Wimbledon make any difference to you or what you still wish to achieve in Tennis. You are still an inspiration to young tennis players and to everyone else as well. The world still needs to see more of your incredible talent and we all admire you for being such a role model on and off the court. Keeping playing for as long as you can and we all support you.
12.07.2016 | 14:14
Je voudrais simplement remercier Monsieur Rodger Federer du plaisir qu,il me donne lorsqu,il joue un match! c,est le maestro et moi qui aime la danse je le trouve gracieux élégant , la classe
merci Rodger de nous faire encore rêver
Valerie F