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22.11.2015 | 23:38
Cher Roger: je voudrais prendre ta tristesse et ta frustration...Pour t'enlever les pensées négatives!! Tu es le Maitre, on voudrait que tu remporte tout, en sachant bien que ce n'est pas possible!Mais, tu donnes tout, tu nous combles de bonheur....Vas de l'avant, prends du plaisir sur le court, et sois heureux!
22.11.2015 | 23:09
Dear Roger,
We are so sorry for your loss today. You played so well this year, including this last tournament...
The ranking is not important for us, since you will always remain number one in our hearts.
Rest, enjoy and get ready for Australia in 2016. We will be there for you even in the distance!
22.11.2015 | 23:06
Another year and I'm so happy that you are still playing so sad you lost tonight but such a pleasure to watch a genious at work (disregard that silly post by storm)Have a feeling next year will be your last but Roger you are and always will be the GOAT.Have a lovely Christmas with your family and come back refreshed xxCIX
22.11.2015 | 22:32
After playing such wonderful tennis year round, it was a huge disappointment to see the WTF finals loss. Very lame and almost embarrassing. Roger needs a new coach to win the majors and big titles. The server/volley tactics that Edberg teaches are no longer relevant on today's slow courts where the safe place to be is the baseline.
22.11.2015 | 22:05
Have a wonderful time with family and team, Mr Roger! Thank you!
22.11.2015 | 21:43
Mais pourquoi ? Pourquoi ? Toutes ces finales majeures perdues...d'avance DANS TA TÊTE ! Roger Please pour tes fans aussi et surtoutIl faut travailler ll'APPROCHE MENTALE : tu as le tennis pour battre ce robot me en finale ! WIn please !!!!!! You can do it ! PLEASE PLEASE
22.11.2015 | 21:16
Thank you Roger, for the beautiful tennis you showed once more this year. Wish you a very good rest and I'm looking forward to seeing you in action again. Always your fan :-)