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25.01.2015 | 08:42
I don't know what happen out there. You seem not as you are. You play as if you are losing the appetite of winning. What is the problem anyway? I have said before, never play so many games. Play only a 500 and 1000 tournament and GS. You will get so much rest. You are not young anymore. I think you should change the way you play, your opponents have known your style. You should have known your opponent's weakness.
25.01.2015 | 07:53
Its not the same without you
Missing you , champ
A Friend in Costa Rica
25.01.2015 | 05:30
...looked too vulnerable and fragile when you played Seppi, look at Nadal, I totally dislike that prick but he does put up a fight when he plays, don't be intimidated by your own legend, whenever and whoever you play against...think of yourself as the underdog and get mad inside, get furious, the next time you play in a grand slam instead of being worried if the lesser player might defeat you just think of any match prior to a final as a training session, that will help you loosen up. Go Roger !
A Friend in Costa Rica
25.01.2015 | 05:20
...as when any other guy loses, yes, you are a human being and you also can lose a match but, your match with Seppi was dissapointing to watch for us, your true fans, you are better than that, than what we saw, what happened aside from being a"bad day" for you ? Sure, you are only human and you are allowed to fail from time to time but also try to understand that you have a legacy to protect before you retire, forget the flashy shorts and contractual distractions and get down to business, you...
A Friend in Costa Rica
25.01.2015 | 05:10
Hi Roger, are you out there somewhere ? Do you ever read any of these posts...or maybe none of the things we comment in here would be of interest to you ? Well, if we take the time to write to you is because we care Roger. I kind of agree with "TOO MUCH FUN " maybe sometimes you have too many distractions prior to an important tournament, to lay low and focus only on the tournament might not be a bad idea, don't you think ? Listen, you are a sports icon, a legend, when you lose is not the same..
25.01.2015 | 05:10
Roger, we are with you and behind you, with full belief. This was not what you wanted, and I think that something bothered you. But there are more opportunities. I find the tournament has lost its interest for me. Look to see you next. You are the golden man with the golden racquet! ***BLINKBLINK, it's not just mental strength that got Djoke improved a couple of years ago so much. It was a lot more...like a disease needing treatment, but which didnt' exist.
25.01.2015 | 04:24
Hope you are fine and HAPPY! Life keeps going and there are many more tournaments for you to play!
Keep training and practice the serve!
You will win a GS this year, no doubt about it!