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28.02.2015 | 23:03
Well deserved victory Rog!! Congratulations!!! Love you forever & always and may you always be happy, healthy, and safe. ❤❤❤
28.02.2015 | 22:54
To the GOAT - congratulations on your tremendous play and win today. You have come back rested and on fire. Keep it up! My best to you, Mirka and the precious children. God Bless each of you always.
28.02.2015 | 22:43
wwwwwwow congratulation for your 007 Dubai you conceled G>O>A>T by all means
your humbel , enjoy your rest hope u get two more slam and nor 1 this year , congratulation for your 9006 aces today what a performance , your dicipline, and tenacity should be teached to youngest players God Bless You
28.02.2015 | 22:03
Dear Roger,

Congratulations on your spectacular win in Dubai! We are overjoyed! Godspeed to all the upcoming tournaments! You are the 8th wonder of the world!
Allez, dear Roger!

Love always, your New York fans
28.02.2015 | 21:58
"Cometh the hour,cometh the man"Mr.Federer,you are baffling the experts
with your longevity at the top of the rankings.It is hard to envisage anyone
coming close to your exceptional achievements and popularity.
No one can play you when you bring your A game,as you proved today.BRAVO.
28.02.2015 | 21:53
Très cher Roger: quel match,mais quel match!! Ta force,ta détermination,ton génie du jeu....Tout y est,tu es extra.....ordinaire!Et pourtant si humain! Roger,tu nous remplis de bonheur....mais surtout,continue à te faire plaisir ....à toi!
28.02.2015 | 21:50
Oh, joy, Roger! What a match! You played with such superiority, such acumen, verve, and with your weaponry on full display, yet lightfooted as always. Your tactics/strategy were wonderful, and didn't allow your rival to settle into his preferred routine. You prevented him from doing what he wanted: it's not that he didn't play well. It is simply astounding how you play! I enjoyed it on livestreaming, then on TV, and tonight TV will play it once more! Bravo, on your fleet, and your confidence!