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09.12.2014 | 01:48
Roger, I am 71 years old and one of my dreams before i kick off from this old world is to see you play in person. my baby sister (age 64) and i are going to come see you this next year all the way from Texas. As such, i need to know for certain if you plan on playing at Indian Wells as that is where we are planning to go. (too much walking at the Open for us old gals). So, what say you? Will you, or won't you be there to meet us? We will be the two old dames with the wheelchair!

08.12.2014 | 22:24
I love you more than life. I am facing a serious illness and what gets me through each day is that God has seen fit to put you on this planet at the same time as me. I can watch your beautiful tennis every day if I want to. Today I watched your best shots of the year on YouTube. Merry Christmas to you and your wife and family. You are special.
Joan Bond
08.12.2014 | 19:26
Dear Roger I hope to see you in Australia next year.
north chaarleston
08.12.2014 | 19:18

I really would like to meet Rodger Federer and maybe play tennis and have lunch with him and I was wondering can his agent email me at trentrichardson19@outlook.com
08.12.2014 | 11:51
Dear Roger

It was sooooo awesome to see you playing in India. I am to the far south but watched the games live and what combinations of players did we see. Just too good. People love you in India and it was nice to see the comraderie between you and the other players specially when you began doing an impromptu dance on court with Monfils. That was cute. You have fit into this format as if you were have been playing it for a long time. Good luck today.

08.12.2014 | 09:01
Dear Jivan,

Thank you for the links. I connected with the stream hunter.eu/tennis but my malabytes anti virus would not let me connect. The stream hunter is huge and thank you very much. The HD is incredible. I have the tennis channel from direct tv and the tennis channel on computer but neither of these stations seem to think that the IPTL is important enough to air. Roger is a classic and will probably never be duplicated.
Again thank you for you help!! Be well Joannie
08.12.2014 | 07:08
Roger, eres un deportista perfecto
Quiero triunfo para ti, éxitos y muchas bendiciones!