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A Friend in Costa Rica
05.07.2015 | 07:08
You are tied with Sampras at Wimbledon....now you have the opportunity to untie your own record from Sampras and win a record 8th Wimbledon title.....You can make it happen Roger.....try not to think about tennis today Sunday, just rest and totally relax your mind and body......I wish you all the very best.......
A Friend in Costa Rica
05.07.2015 | 07:02
This fight is absolutely worth it Roger....so fight the good fight and make history, you can do it, YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN THIS....WE ARE ALL BEHIND YOU IN THIS FIGHT...do whatever it takes Roger, you have it in you to make it happen, all you need is to mentalize yourself, psych up to the task, be ruthless, agressive but careful at the same time, don't go through the motions, improvise, anticipate, play with determination to make things happen NO MATTER WHAT,....BE HUNGRY and just GO FOR IT ROGER
A Friend in Costa Rica
05.07.2015 | 06:53
ROGER...it doesn't matter at all if you drop a set, the only thing that matters is that you win, CONGRATULATIONS for your victory against Groth, WELL DONE ROGER !! Now just forget about these three past matches, relax and rest all you can today Sunday so you can have a fresh start on Monday, have a strategy plan for your next opponent and most of all, be HUNGRIER than your opponent, you have a great opportunity in front of you, you can make history and beat Sampras record of 7 Wimbledon titles
04.07.2015 | 21:42
A vrai dire tu n'était pas bien servi par la TSR qui a coupé la transmission du match au début du troisième set. Tu as merveilleusement bien joué pour revenir dans le 4ème set. C'était un plaisir de te voir gagner (comme toujours). We love you Roger !
04.07.2015 | 20:14
Go Maestro. You are the knight of the courts. History is at your hands!!! Play and never stop.
Greetings from Uruguay
04.07.2015 | 19:55
Marry has only two seeds in his draw : 22 & 23.
04.07.2015 | 18:26
roger has the toughest draw now.
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