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DVD Release

24.08.2005 | Off Court

The exclusive documentary on Roger Federer's Career.


Good news: The DVD "Roger Federer - Replay" will be available in shops in Switzerland from Thursday, August 25th, 2005. A camera team followed Roger to the last two tournaments of his incredible season 2004: The Davidoff Swiss Indoors and the Masters Cup in Houston. Not only will the fans be able to watch the fantastic ending of Roger's amazing year, but also capture a glimpse behind the scenes of the tennis circuit. To keep it simple: The documentary is about a ball boy's story becoming the world's number one tennis player. Roger looks back on his career himself and comments on material that has not yet been published. The documentary covers his career highlights, includes interviews with his family, friends and the tennis legends John McEnroe and Boris Becker and much more.


The DVD is for all those who want to see more than just tournament sequences of Roger. Apart from the documentary itself, it also contains around 30 minutes of bonus material.


The DVD can be purchased in shops from Thursday, 25 August 2005. Sales are limited to Switzerland due to legal reasons for the moment, fans from Switzerland can order the DVD under the link below. We will keep you updated as soon as there are news regarding the international distribution.

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27.08.2005 | 12:14
wish i can get it in china soon.
26.08.2005 | 15:11
that's great. i hope it will be sold in singapore...and all around asia, because federer's got lots of asian fans....;)
26.08.2005 | 13:36
sorry people to say that but the DVD is JUST GREAT!!!!!!!
I buy it yesterday and watch it immediatly.... Just too good, emotionnal, funny, interesting
It's not all days that swiss people can buy something before everybody....THANKS ROGER!
26.08.2005 | 11:50

I hope you can make this available in Asia as Roger also has lots of fans from here...or someone from Sui might want to re-sell in eBay...

26.08.2005 | 07:38
Ahh!! c'mon when are you going to send it to the little island of Puerto Rico. Don't tell me you didn't know you have great fans over here?
26.08.2005 | 06:31
Good news~!

I'm look forward to seeing it now.
26.08.2005 | 06:04
I'm in Indonesia, and I want it too...
I taped all Federer matches on DVD starting this year...I don't want to miss this one for the world, no matter how much the shipping cost will be...
26.08.2005 | 04:15
Yeah,yeah.....it's GREAT NEWS ,but...when shall it b available 4 the 110 crore people in INDIA???????
26.08.2005 | 03:15
Oh, yes!!!
It's so great!!!
I just hope it will be released in China soon.
26.08.2005 | 01:03