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David Letterman Show

13.09.2005 | Off Court

If you would like to see some more of Roger this week - you might want to check the David Letterman Show (CBS) this evening , as Roger will be appearing there as a guest.

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Dear Roger
your dreams be come true
God bless you
14.09.2005 | 05:57
Great 4 Rog!!!!!!!!!!!!......
14.09.2005 | 04:17
I would love to see Letterman show. If anyone has a tape I will gladly purchase or if available online would be great! I was in NYC for Open and at Letterman taping the previous Monday -- a week too late. Oh well, always next year and another Champions
14.09.2005 | 03:47
Rogi, really want to watch your show, however,
I've missed the show.

Does anybody know if we can watch it on the internet?
14.09.2005 | 03:38
I hope I can catch it with my busy schedule...
14.09.2005 | 02:35
Go Roger!
Ill be wathcing you tonight. i bet youll be extra sexy in your suit. you look really good in black suits, just to let you know.
Your biggest fan, Christine (USA)
13.09.2005 | 21:53
Hey, I think it was a great appearance. Roger doesn't need to say much, nor does he need a grandioso to give him credibility. Roger Federererer! I liked Letterman's comment at the end about adding more er's to his name. I think he was as impressed wit
13.09.2005 | 21:31
well, I cannot see you at CBS.

But I'll see you in Shanghai QiZhong Stadium on Oct 3rd!!

Looking forward to that~~~

Beijing, China
13.09.2005 | 21:28

I sure would like to see Roger on Letterman, but we don't get it here in Holland.

Does anybody know if there's a clip of the show on the internet?

13.09.2005 | 20:00
Show was OK. Letterman didn't really ask interesting questions. Roger looks very relaxed and calm. Maybe he's a bit tired.

Congrats again!
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