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David Letterman Show

13.09.2005 | Off Court

If you would like to see some more of Roger this week - you might want to check the David Letterman Show (CBS) this evening , as Roger will be appearing there as a guest.

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13.09.2005 | 19:04
thts right akanksha!!
v wanna tel u tht thr r lots of ur fans in India..
n im 1 of the biggest...
waiting 4 u 2 come on sm indian show....

love u
13.09.2005 | 18:50
Hi everybody there, I saw the show last night, too much waiting for a little of the cute Roger Federer. he was great there, charming and super elegant with that clothes. He seems shy, but super sweet.
13.09.2005 | 18:27
I recorded the show from last night. Roger was dress very sharp in a nice looking suit - very GQ. The interview was okay - but not great, not because of Roger, but because Dave is not a really great interviewer with guests who are more laid back. They
13.09.2005 | 16:43
I wish you sometime come on an Indian show, so that even your Indian fans can have a bit more of you!

Love you
Take care
Roger, you must feel very blessed;
God has given you not only amazing talent and ability but also a super strong heart and mind of a Champion !! It must be great to have your 'heroes' like Agassi sing you all these praises...
We are in awe of your extr
13.09.2005 | 16:08
Roger was enchanting on Letterman's. I was expecting the host to be more indiscreet and irreverent on Roger, but it is obvious that he inspires respect. I hope to see Rogi invited to more american shows, even to the Saturday Night Live Show. How about tha
Roger, good job handling David Letterman. Great response to whether people talk about him in Switzerland!
13.09.2005 | 14:47
Great!we want to see Roger more often!
13.09.2005 | 12:03
I saw the show last night, it was not as good as it should have been: most of it wasted on usual nonsense.
Roger was himself - humble and charming, but was given very little time to shine by Letterman, who, while being a gracious host, strained to be fun
13.09.2005 | 11:52
I really want to see the show. I like Roger and I like David`s jokes. But unfortunatly I am in China.So I am not able to see the show.But I hope Roger can have a good time there and hope he can take advantage of the show and win the heart of Americans.
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