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Injured Roger will miss Madrid and Basel

12.10.2005 | Tennis

Roger injured a ligament in his right foot during training

and will miss at least two weeks of tournaments.

He was hurt in training while he tried to hit a forehand drive shot. The mishap will keep Roger out of action for up to three weeks.


Roger will miss next week's Madrid Masters. He will also miss his home event, the Swiss Indoors in Basel.


"After bad luck last year with my thigh and now this. I'm extremely disappointed, above all that I can't play at home for the second straight year in Basel. But I'm hoping to go to Shanghai again perfectly fit," said Roger.


Medical opinion is optimistic that Roger will be fit for the season-ending Masters Cup in Shanghai from November 13-20.

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22.10.2005 | 17:06
best of luck~^^!
22.10.2005 | 16:42
Does anyone know if roger is getting better because they said thst the day after he told his injury he would get a medical check up. You wold think he would have the decentcy to write us. I'm worried because nadal is in the final of madrid and i hate it.
22.10.2005 | 15:41
It's a pity not to see you in Madrid. I hope you'll get better!!!! Best of luck!!! And, does your affort o win shangai
22.10.2005 | 06:50
Hope you get better, because we love the way you play. We record a match with you when we have a chance to see it. Get Well soon.
22.10.2005 | 03:52
Roger, you better get well soon. We guys miss you like mad. :))
Wish you a fast recovery.
22.10.2005 | 00:00
We're hoping you get perfectly fit for Shanghai too. It's disappointing but at least you have the time to recover before the Masters Cup.

There is a rumour going around though, which has us more than a little worried, that it might be bad enough to nee
21.10.2005 | 23:33
Bad Luck!! Roger you are the best player ever !! When i see you in action i view the real Tennis! A very Athletic boy with five star of technic and class! You are great Roger,great in and out court! Hope you win all in Shangai and give you best regards! Z
21.10.2005 | 22:56
Don't worry, you be at Shanghai & you will win it to compencate the loss of being at Madrid & Basel. May God be on your side through this. You shouldn't be disappointed there's always next time.
21.10.2005 | 22:02
Oh my god roger!!!!!!!! :( im very saddddddd....im gna cryyyy! i feel so bad...i feel so sry for u...well tht happend to me wen i had the africa teens cup...i missed 2 matches..but i did my best and won the cup in the make overs!..but i hope u feel better
21.10.2005 | 10:17
u are the greatest player in the world
i believe u wil be shanghai 3 weeks later and win it again
good luck
support u forever