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Roger first to arrive in Shanghai

07.11.2005 | Tennis

Things are heating up as the highlight of the year steadily approaches. Roger became the first player to arrive in Shanghai yesterday in advance of the season-ending Masters Cup.


The trip to Shanghai is the second in just one month for Roger, who had made a whirlwind stop here early last month to unveil the Qizhong Tennis Center in the city's Minhang District, where the tournament will be played to November 20.


Roger has arrived early in order to prepare thoroughly. He feels his shape is improving constantly but is still not certain whether he will be able to play. We'll most certainly keep you updated!

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09.11.2005 | 21:03
winning the shangai tournament or not, it was a close to perfect season this year..u know what to do the king of tennis..let's reign one more time if possible, huh...
09.11.2005 | 20:08
Ooh Roger, we are praying that you get holy fit before sunday when the Master Cup begins. I personal am looking forward to watch your marvelous moves on the court again. I miss that so much. All of your fans do i guess. But if you can't because of your he
09.11.2005 | 16:49
Roger, I really hope you can play. I want you to win so bad!!!!

But if you are not 100%, then do not risk it. Your health is more important to your fans!!!
09.11.2005 | 16:01
Chia Yu!
09.11.2005 | 15:56
hope you play Shanghai, if not we'll just have to play for you on the Topspin playstation game my son just bought! At last a game featuring the greatest player ever. Best wishes to you always.
Susie xxx
09.11.2005 | 13:45
Good luck !! Roger
i'm relly exciting :)
May God bless you
09.11.2005 | 11:56
I'm counting down the days now.

Go Roger!!!!!!!

Linda (Luton-UK)
09.11.2005 | 09:55
Hey Roger! Good to see you're doing well and feeling in shape...GO GET 'EM!!!!! All the best!!!!
09.11.2005 | 08:54
GO Roger, GO!!if you feel better, play!i need to seeyou playing..but be careful, don't compromise you!! big kisses Emanuela
09.11.2005 | 08:41
Hey Roger-

These are the things that we can never be sure of since your ankle is still obviously in the processs of healing but I agree that you should not take any undue risks if your ankle is properly healed.

But I hope like everyone else that you