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Roger first to arrive in Shanghai

07.11.2005 | Tennis

Things are heating up as the highlight of the year steadily approaches. Roger became the first player to arrive in Shanghai yesterday in advance of the season-ending Masters Cup.


The trip to Shanghai is the second in just one month for Roger, who had made a whirlwind stop here early last month to unveil the Qizhong Tennis Center in the city's Minhang District, where the tournament will be played to November 20.


Roger has arrived early in order to prepare thoroughly. He feels his shape is improving constantly but is still not certain whether he will be able to play. We'll most certainly keep you updated!

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09.11.2005 | 08:12
Hope you recover totally by the starting date! The whole game will become meaningful less without you! I will keep watching the matches you are going to play and will always be on your side. Best wishes,
09.11.2005 | 05:27
Mypat summed it up in her comment just above. Of course we're hoping to see you play . . . but we'd really feel dreadful to see you re-injure yourself . . . probably you feel the same way 'bout now??!! All the best in your decision-making and
09.11.2005 | 05:03
i'll be disappointed if you couldn't play...

but i'll be much more disappointed if you get hurt, Federer!

take care
; )
09.11.2005 | 02:34

MASTER, PLEASE DON´T PUT YOURSELF IN RISK, please you are the best , we know it,
and don´ t need Shanghai cup for to admire you.

09.11.2005 | 01:19
I wish you the best of luck. Take cere of yourself and I hope you will be able to play.
09.11.2005 | 00:37
Hi Rogelio,I'm so happy for your travel,thanks to get well for this tournament,no matter tthe difference of time I'm going to see you via tv : ( winning your matchES,please take care and we all want to see you with the championship,I'm counting the days!
08.11.2005 | 23:22
Dearest Roger,
Hope with all my heart that you will be able to play at the Masters Cup...I pray for you every night with undying belief that you will be in perfect shape to defend your title. Please stay healthy and take excellent care of yourself, becau
08.11.2005 | 23:12
I want to say one word >>>>>>

I very happy when I hear this news >>>

I want to see you soon >>

I miss you
08.11.2005 | 22:56
Go on Roger!
You can give us that pleasure to see you with one more title!
Have a good Luck!
We belive in you!!!!!!
08.11.2005 | 22:50
I cant wait to watch u play on tv!!! It's been so long already!!! Good luck against the others!!!