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Roger first to arrive in Shanghai

07.11.2005 | Tennis

Things are heating up as the highlight of the year steadily approaches. Roger became the first player to arrive in Shanghai yesterday in advance of the season-ending Masters Cup.


The trip to Shanghai is the second in just one month for Roger, who had made a whirlwind stop here early last month to unveil the Qizhong Tennis Center in the city's Minhang District, where the tournament will be played to November 20.


Roger has arrived early in order to prepare thoroughly. He feels his shape is improving constantly but is still not certain whether he will be able to play. We'll most certainly keep you updated!

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08.11.2005 | 13:23
i'm so excited to konw you are in my homecity now.we are in the same city!!
ccan't wait to watch you play.
good luck!
love and kiss~

08.11.2005 | 13:16
What else can be added here? Good luck, Roger! I'm sure that all your fans support any decision you take about Shanghai :)
08.11.2005 | 10:40
Oh, poor hearts! On the hand, we're so desperate to see you play, on the other, we know you cant risk aggravating your injury and risking next year... The most important thing is, play only if you're 100%!
08.11.2005 | 10:33
Oh Roger, J think that you should not play in Shangai if you are not 100%shure in your health.You might risk some serious injury.But again that's only my opinion.Anyway, J wish you best of luck, come back with another trophie. SRECNO!!! DIJA
08.11.2005 | 09:33
Hi Roger,
I've full confidence that if you are fit, you will definitely be able to play, don't worry. We all know you are returning after a long break due to injury.
Just play your normal game..thats enough to handle your opponents..hahahaha
Good luck!
08.11.2005 | 09:05
hey Roger,
good luck for Shanghai!
wish to see u again on court.

08.11.2005 | 08:21
Dear Roger,

Best Wishes for Shanghai! Remember, if you're not feeling okay with your injury, put that first =) although I thoroughly miss your tennis. It's going to be shown live in Australia, i'm so excited!

<3 Whitney
08.11.2005 | 07:56
Hey Rog!!

I wish you were absolutely fit to play TMC and defend "YOUR" title of #1!!! It belongs to you Roger!!! only to you...=)
I'm praying for you to be in perfect conditions for next tourney in Shangai!!! I know it means a lot...so we have to be
08.11.2005 | 07:18
hey Roger!

way to stay on top of things. hope you feel 100% for the tourney and we will be able to see you play! i'm sure we will. have a good time!

yl - van., can.
08.11.2005 | 06:57