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Poetry Competition

21.02.2006 | Off Court

A huge thank you to all of you who sent us a poem for the competition, we received a total of 431 entries! We read our way through a lot of excellent material and really enjoyed it. Chosing the best ones was most difficult and we have decided to award one poem in each of the three languages of Roger's website. The lucky winners receiving a DVD on Roger as well as a signed cap are:



Sérgio Silva (English)

Daniela Spriano (German)

Olivier van Bogaert (French)



Congratulations to them and to all of you poets out there! We are proud to present you the winners' works of art:






(no title)


The coin has flown and he gently walks towards the baseline.

If we listen very carefully we can hear the sound of the fiddles tuning.

He stares across the court and time stops…

   Silence… Da Vinci’s gaze upon a canvas.



A thundering hit announces the commencement.

How simple is the touch of genius

   which makes backhands, forehands, serves, volleys,

   all the instruments of a symphony,

   come together in a simple

                         ever rememberable tune.

We smile and feel at one with all that surrounds us.



His victories give us pride,

His battles show us life.

His defeats teach us humility

And the incessant will to keep up the fight.



In sports we find life at motion

Set to rules of human form.

In nature’s study we find science

And in nature’s wonders we meet art.



The beauty of tennis shines presently upon us

Through a radiant beam of light.



Ladies and gentlemen,


Yours to behold:

                  Roger Federer – Tennis artist.




by Sérgio Silva









R.F.s Tennis


Roger Federers Spiel ist wie Musik -

rhythmisch und kraftvoll,

die manchmal Mauern durchbricht

und manchmal respektvoll niederzwingt.

Eine Musik, sich erneuernd und erweiternd

in Resonanz mit dem Spiel des anderen

und Menschen rund um die Welt vereinend.




von Daniela Spriano









(dédié à Roger Federer)


Tu es venu un jour

Baigné de lumière

Comme dansent les étoiles

Au centre de l’univers


Il y a eu ce déclic

Cette fulgurance

Un transport d’oxygène

Vers le point d’émergence


Tu as gravi les cimes

Leurs escaliers d’airain

Qui mènent au soleil

Divin et aérien


Comme l’orfèvre qui cisèle

Les facettes du diamant  

La grâce souffle sa bulle de verre

Autour de ton mouvement


Éblouissant voltigeur

Ton cortège de balles jaunes

Serpente et virevolte

Sur les plaines vertes ou fauves


Tu restes pour toujours

Nimbé de brillants

Comme le halo d’un phare

Au cœur de l’océan




par Olivier van Bogaert


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09.03.2006 | 17:11
very well done ,

beautiful work
27.02.2006 | 22:24
Impressive work, just like the swift swing of the champ's raquet, your pens have done justice to the maestro:)))

27.02.2006 | 06:12
congratulations to the winners.........
they deserve that.......
26.02.2006 | 16:08
Great poem Sérgio Silva!!

and great work Roger..we all continue to be proud of you!!
26.02.2006 | 06:34
Congratulation to all winners!
25.02.2006 | 14:49
Nice poem.
I don't know when i can do that.First I try to do it but it not so good.I think perhaps it hard for me.
25.02.2006 | 09:41
I must have read almost all the poems you guys have posted after the results were declared and I must say Roger has brought out Shelleys and Wordsworths in all of you. its amazing how Roger does it to us. Its like walking on a tightrope with Roger - the w
25.02.2006 | 09:37
nice! that poem by sergio silva was just ah-mazing. i admit it..i am jealous...the only poetry a can write is about prada, or armani or jimmy choo or marc jacobs, ok ok..i ll shut up..to roger*muah*..and you re luck--yyyy you have a fan like se
24.02.2006 | 20:52
Congratulations guys! u deserve it...
and those of u who posted ur poems here, well all i can say is that they r indeed very beautiful! well done to everyone!
24.02.2006 | 20:12
Congratulation Sergio Silva, well done:-)
Best Rigards
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