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Challenge Roger!

21.05.2006 | Off Court

You can finally challenge Roger anytime, anywhere - in "Roger Federer's Tennis Open", the exciting new game for your mobile phone. Apart from the realistic atmosphere and the addictive gameplay you can even compare yourself to any player on the whole world by means of an online highscore!


The trip will take you to the very big tournaments around the globe. You will meet all kinds of opponents in exciting matches - including Roger, of course!


You can get to know your rivals and improve your skills in training mode. Then there are no more excuses - only the best will survive on the World-Tour. The longer and better you play, the more your ranking improves. And don't forget to enter your points into the worldwide online-ranking!


"Roger Federer's Tennis Open" is fascinating, but not quite easy. But then again, you didn't expect it to be any different, did you? Don't miss this great game and download it onto your mobile phone - just follow the link below.

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04.03.2006 | 14:18
It is just great to play with Roger in a Mobile Phone! I am just waiting to get the computer version of the game ! You will one day get a chance to win Roger!Don't Worry about that ! You are great Roger!
04.03.2006 | 06:13
just awesome man!!!!!!!!!!!
03.03.2006 | 11:49
well,it sounds really interesting!
I want to play it ASAP!!!!
02.03.2006 | 06:56
im pretty damn sure this game is gonna rock....presently im grounded but my b'days not 2 far the corner - so thats what im gonna ask 4! yipppeeee!!
01.03.2006 | 10:51
I really want to buy it .But as a student,I really dont have the money.I'll buy it when I am able to.But I'd rather save some money to watch Roger's matches.
28.02.2006 | 23:09
shit........ I wanted to buy the game but.....there isn't the game for sony ericsson P910i. what to do? :(
28.02.2006 | 20:21
hey Rog, u sure u wanna challenge me.. cuz i am the worst among the worst! :P
28.02.2006 | 20:11
28.02.2006 | 14:46
i have to get one : )
28.02.2006 | 12:33
Well.I don't miss it.