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Roger meets Will

06.03.2006 | Off Court

During the Dubai Duty Free Men's Open Roger had the pleasure of meeting Will Smith. Roger enjoyed a pleasant chat with the Oscar-nominated American actor and an multiple Grammy winning hip hop artist.

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18.03.2006 | 16:28
such a cute picture. i love both these guys and i bet they had an awesome time hanging out, wish i could have been there.
16.03.2006 | 05:50
will smith is the luckiest man
becoz, he got a chance to meet u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wish i was there.
15.03.2006 | 18:53
A great player meets a great artist.
It had to be so.
14.03.2006 | 06:19
You guys totally rock! Fresh Prince...can't get enough of and The Federer Express...too hot to handle! Love ya'll!
14.03.2006 | 04:26
Seriously! This is a great picture and you both totally ROCK!!!
13.03.2006 | 21:00
hey does anybody have any more pictures with these two in it?plz could u post em o tell me the link i will luv u foreva!
13.03.2006 | 20:38
WOW! 2 of my favourite men in the world together! wat a picture! does ne1 hav ne more pictures?WOW this had med my day
13.03.2006 | 19:10
look how happy is will. yea, he should be cause he is luckiest man alive this time in the pic. i wish i was there with roger . i think that will smith should change his name to will federer or roger smith or roger smith federer. cause he just met the grea
13.03.2006 | 16:33
Good to see you guyz togather !!! u both roxx !!
13.03.2006 | 14:03
ajoke-by the way, who is chiwetel ejiofor?
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