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Roger meets Will

06.03.2006 | Off Court

During the Dubai Duty Free Men's Open Roger had the pleasure of meeting Will Smith. Roger enjoyed a pleasant chat with the Oscar-nominated American actor and an multiple Grammy winning hip hop artist.

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13.03.2006 | 13:46
ajoke.yes he IS getting old!!HULLO!!!what are you blind??!heehee...who WOULD NT like jake??!!!I wanna marry him!!!hahaha...and hello!!!Will IS lucky to meet roger!!!-grin-
13.03.2006 | 11:14
Great Roger !!!
You deserve to meet celebrities like Will.
I hope you can meet more in the future, is a pleasure to see your pictures.
10.03.2006 | 19:56
Lucky Will I muss say!
10.03.2006 | 12:03
will smith!!
haha he's a good guy
10.03.2006 | 06:04
dear roger
its good luck of will smith that he meet u
every person in this world wants to meet u and me too
love u good luck take care
10.03.2006 | 01:08
hey, cool!!
10.03.2006 | 00:04
you are lucky, and happy, kisses, sara.
09.03.2006 | 22:01
C'mon, everyone is saying Will is lucky to have met him. More like they are lucky to meet each other. I love Will Smith in movies like I like Roger in Sports. Jaredleto, I do like Jake but not as much as Will, Roger,Sharukh, and Chiwetel Ejiofor. I prefer
09.03.2006 | 17:50
Curlykiwi - don't worry - I have an aunt in her 60's also who is just mad about Roger! She keeps saying to me "There is something about him, isn't there?" If you see it, you know - if you don't - well, guess those who don't are blind! Not mad on Will S
09.03.2006 | 13:37
Cool!! I like will,too.He's a good actor and Roger is a good player! Have fun ,Roger!!