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Roger meets Will

06.03.2006 | Off Court

During the Dubai Duty Free Men's Open Roger had the pleasure of meeting Will Smith. Roger enjoyed a pleasant chat with the Oscar-nominated American actor and an multiple Grammy winning hip hop artist.

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07.03.2006 | 07:44
Great I am just seeing some wonderful things this week. 3 6 Mafia won an oscar and was probably the first rap performance during any oscar award. Tsotsi won for best foreign film and now my two favourites met. This is just too cool.
Will also met Sharukh
07.03.2006 | 06:25
wow fun~~ amazing!
2 great stars meeting!!
i like them~~ so much~ ^^ hihi!
07.03.2006 | 05:50
Haha this is really cute! I was just watching the Fresh Prince today and Will Smith is soooo funny. I didn't realize that Will Smith watched tennis...but that is cool! *Gros bisous* for Roger and good luck at the Pacific Life Open!!
07.03.2006 | 05:39
hahahahahahaha!!!!!i think will s like a really good comedian and all, but as a rapper he s such a NO WAY!!! I mean, COME ON! I sure he s a really cool and gr8 guy and all but he just..cant..RAP!!!or maybe it s just cause i m biased towards eminem, cause
07.03.2006 | 05:33
ugh, not only does will live in a billion bucks trailer he also met ROGER FEDERER!!!he s the luckiest guy in the world!!!!!!!!!it s soooooo unfair!!!!WAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!I WANNA MEET YOUU TOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
07.03.2006 | 04:57
Will is a great actor
07.03.2006 | 04:31
What a nice taken photo.
Watched Will Smith acted in "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" ..a comedy entertainment show.
07.03.2006 | 04:30
What a nice taken photos.
Watched Will Smith acted in "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" ..a comedy entertainment show.
07.03.2006 | 03:23
Wow Great!!!!
Two superstars together, incredible!!!
07.03.2006 | 03:20
Wow!!! Im sure Will had a great time....hehe!