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Hot List 2006

16.03.2006 | Off Court

Each year ACE Tennis Magazine names the sexiest male and female players in the world. Roger has been shortlisted this year, so help him take home that award and vote via the link below!

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28.03.2006 | 22:44
Hi Rogi, I have voted for you couse you realy desirved. I realy hope that you will win it. I wish you good luck from the bottom of my heart.
24.03.2006 | 18:53
even though i'm only 14, i still think that Roger is the best lookin athlete EVA! actually, best lookin guy in the world

i have a keyring of him on my keys!
dont eva change roger, cos u r perfect!

holly, london, england
23.03.2006 | 06:17
i voted for u
no doubt u r the sexiest man not only in tennis but in the universe
22.03.2006 | 20:23
ok!! I did! and of course i voted for U!!!
22.03.2006 | 19:02
You got my vote to because you are a friendly player and you are very kind.
and you are just the sexiest male player in the world!!!! and kim clijsters de sexieste vrouwelijke speelster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22.03.2006 | 14:32
I voted, and I am asking my friends to vote for you too. That poll seems rather out dated any way because how is Tomas Enqvist still in there? Philippoussis is also getting old.

You are the SEXIEST by far Roger !

Hugs, Pam V (Tampa, FL)

22.03.2006 | 11:47
Well...i just voted for you, and i hope you win! Good Luck!
22.03.2006 | 11:00
Hey i voted a few days ago you are by far the hottest... i love you with all my heart
22.03.2006 | 06:38
voted for u as the sexiest player! not only because ur the player i lyk d most, but ur the whole package. gud looks, smart, gracious, down-to-earth and of course, one hell of a tennis player. that is sexiness to a par. it's a no brainer :D
21.03.2006 | 18:55
I've already voted!
For you ovbiously!!!
you are so cute!!! =)
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