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UNICEF Appoints Roger as Goodwill Ambassador

03.04.2006 | Off Court

Roger Federer Lauded for Outstanding Commitment to the World’s Children


Roger Federer, the No. 1 tennis player on the ATP circuit and a passionate advocate for children, was appointed UNICEF’s newest Goodwill Ambassador today.


“Roger Federer will bring extraordinary energy and talents to working with UNICEF to improve the lives of children throughout the world,” UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman said. “Roger is not just a role model for aspiring athletes, but for all those who believe that we have the power and responsibility to make the world a better place for children.”


Grammy award winner Shakira, also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, joined Federer at UNICEF Headquarters. She presented Federer with the UNICEF pin, and said: “Welcome, Roger. It’s great what you’ve been doing with your foundation and you now plan to expand to the world through UNICEF. I’m happy that you joined the UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador group.”


Like Shakira and other Goodwill Ambassadors such as David Beckham, Youssou N’dour, Vanessa Redgrave, Roger Moore and the late Danny Kaye and Audrey Hepburn, Federer will support UNICEF in its efforts to bring attention and resources to the world’s most vulnerable children.


Additionally on Monday in New York, Federer joined more than 500 guests including fellow sports stars and government leaders as The Report on the International Year of Sport and Physical Education 2005 was presented to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan. In 2005, Federer served as a Spokesperson for the Year and joined Annan and Adolf Ogi, Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Sport for Development and Peace, in launching the International Year, which recognized the power of sport to promote education, health and peace and help attain global development goals.


“I am honored to join the ranks of UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassadors,” Federer said. “I’ve been lucky in life, and able to pursue my passion for tennis since I was six years old. It’s important to me to help the many children throughout the world who do not have the basic resources they need.”


Federer has used his victories on the court to remind the world that children count. In 2003, he established the Roger Federer Foundation to fund projects benefiting disadvantaged children, primarily in South Africa where his mother was raised, and to promote sports for young people.


As the top player on the ATP circuit, Federer has been proactive in leading charity efforts. Following the devastating tsunami of 2004, the seven-time Grand Slam champion instigated several fundraising initiatives, including the ATP All-Star Rally for Relief. The unique exhibition event, which benefited UNICEF, featured an unprecedented show of support from the top men’s and women’s tennis players. The event launched a global partnership between the ATP and UNICEF called ACE – Assisting Children Everywhere – aimed at harnessing the power of tennis to help ensure the health, education and protection of the world’s children.


“I have no doubt that Roger Federer will impress us with his leadership for children,” Veneman said. “UNICEF looks forward to a long and fruitful partnership with him.”

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27.04.2006 | 16:16
A young guy who remembers, honours and eases the struggles of those even younger. Roger Federer -- you are my hero, because you keep reminding me what life is really about.

God bless you Roger. God bless you. Always.
19.04.2006 | 16:48
Dear Roger
Congratulations on your honoured as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. It's a very good chance for you to help more children throughout the world to get the basic resources they need and love to play tennis like you.
Dear Roger
Congratulations on your honoured as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. It's a very good chance for you to help more children throughtout the world to get the basic resouces they need and to like to play tennis like you.
17.04.2006 | 18:50
congrats! i'm sure the UNICEF have taken the right decision and i know u'll help in wateva way u can!
15.04.2006 | 20:21
You really are a great person! I already was very proud to be your fan, but now I'm even more happy to be a fan! Your foundation was already a great gesture, but now your a unicef ambassador and you can share your great personality with the whole
12.04.2006 | 12:47
I hope some children have improved lives now.
11.04.2006 | 22:30
COngratulations Roger!! =)

I'm so proud of you to have done all you've done...for the children!! It makes me really happy this fantastic new!! =)

I'm completely sure you'll be an oustanding ambassador!!! =)

Enjoy this fabulous opportunity!!!! =)
09.04.2006 | 21:52
That´s awsome my #1!! you´re so kind!!! Good luck and congratulations for such a noble work!
09.04.2006 | 02:38
Some ppl says ur not HUMAN HAHAHA....

Ur the best player in the world...Just know that...
08.04.2006 | 16:10
I believe you can do it. You are the best model for children to do many good things in their life.
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