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Roger withdraws

16.05.2006 | Tennis

Roger - three-time champion (2002, 2004, 2005) - as well as Rafael Nadal have pulled out of the Hamburg Masters.


Due to the long and exhausting tournaments just behind him, Roger feels the need to take a break in order to fully regenerate. Roger and Mirka travelled to Hamburg this morning in order to meet with Walter Knapper, the tournament director.


In a tumultuous day at the clay-court tuneup for the French Open, Australian Open runner-up Marcos Baghdatis retired because of dizziness and stomach pains, and former No. 1 Carlos Moya and 2003 Hamburg champ Guillermo Coria slumped again with first-round exits. Other stars such as David Nalbandian, Andy Roddick, Lleyton Hewitt or Andre Agassi will not be starting in Hamburg.

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19.05.2006 | 18:58
I think its a good idea. U get a chance to see wat's going on come back wiz full of energy. Love ya and wish ya luck.

19.05.2006 | 17:57
Roger i think you deserve the rest so that you can win the Roland Garros.Keep it up.
19.05.2006 | 16:17
Hey Roger!
Have a good rest and be concentrated in Roland Garros!
Good Luck there!
19.05.2006 | 15:09
...u really needed rest.....we support ur move...come back like champion u r ....at the FO 2006....
Dear Roger
Oh,what can I say?I only say that I really love you very much.I remember I began to love you on January 21st,2006.At that time,I
saw you play tennis very,very well.And I saw
you cried after you won Baghdatis.I think you
are the king i
19.05.2006 | 12:14
Hay Roger !!!
Good luck at Roland Garros!
I hope you'll win !

Roger, I am not sure if you ever read these messages...but I think you should from time to time, as they can give you energy and confidence...seeing how many tens of thousands (65000 registered members on this site) of people admire, love and believe in
19.05.2006 | 09:51
giusta scelta roger, quella di ritirarsi..
la partita contro nadal ha messo a dura prova il tuo fisico e giocare per un altro torneo ai tuoi livelli sarebbe stato massacrante.
la data del torneo di Amburgo dovrebbe essere spostata...
sei un grande!!
19.05.2006 | 05:47
I Roger... thats fine you withdrew from Hamburg...you need to rest to be ready to win Roland Garros...
The gap between you and Nadal is almost 2400 points (before Rome it was 3000+ points) and it will be reduced due to your withdrawal. that is a good re
19.05.2006 | 05:10
Greetings from Vietnam! I think you made a right decision to withdraw from Hamburg to save energy for RG Slam. I'm your big fan but I dunno why I prefer you have to battle with tough players, to give you more challenges...because to me the more ch