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Roger withdraws

16.05.2006 | Tennis

Roger - three-time champion (2002, 2004, 2005) - as well as Rafael Nadal have pulled out of the Hamburg Masters.


Due to the long and exhausting tournaments just behind him, Roger feels the need to take a break in order to fully regenerate. Roger and Mirka travelled to Hamburg this morning in order to meet with Walter Knapper, the tournament director.


In a tumultuous day at the clay-court tuneup for the French Open, Australian Open runner-up Marcos Baghdatis retired because of dizziness and stomach pains, and former No. 1 Carlos Moya and 2003 Hamburg champ Guillermo Coria slumped again with first-round exits. Other stars such as David Nalbandian, Andy Roddick, Lleyton Hewitt or Andre Agassi will not be starting in Hamburg.

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19.05.2006 | 02:53
Dear Fans,

I have found an interesting site which only has news about our favourite player Roger. It is www.goroger.net

There Roger speaks of the illegal coaching that goes on by Nadal's uncle. I also noticed that the umpire who did not take any act
19.05.2006 | 00:55
Dear Mr. Federer,

If someone can be magnificent in defeat, then that was you in the final in Rome. On the other hand you snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.
You are constantly playing poorly on important points against Nadal. This does not happe
18.05.2006 | 23:57
It's been a while since I posted, and looking down the list it's good to see that most, if not all, of your supporters agree with your decision. That alone should make you feel better.

Professional sport can kill the athletes unless they take things
18.05.2006 | 22:54
Hey , Roger ! It's all right to take a break from time to time , everybody's getting tired sometimes... Anyway , I just hope you'll win Rolland Garos , Wimbledon and whatever you want ! I don't know why , but I have such a nice feeling when you're wi
18.05.2006 | 22:03
Dear Roger,

I think you only have to read the great response of your fans to your great effort in Rome to see one message is coming loud and clear: we don't think you need to fear Nadal as much as before- even on clay. I must say that I have never felt
18.05.2006 | 16:49
hi, roger.
i am sorry that you didnt win the Championship of the Rome Masters.
however, i strongly believe that you have found a way to beat Nadal, and i think you will beat him at this year's French Open.
i hope you have a great break before the open.
18.05.2006 | 16:36
hi, roger. i saw the championship match at the Rome Masters between you and Nadal. i am sorry you did win that match. but i felt that you have been finding a way to beat him, and you are more and more comfortable to play with him.
i believe you will beat
18.05.2006 | 14:13
I so agree with Suzie from London. I really hate Nadal's brand of tennis and sportsmanship - if that's the right word!!! I suppose he is still quite young and overwhelmed by his success but one of his grown-ups should tell him about being a good WINNER.
18.05.2006 | 11:44
Hi Roger,

Firstly I think it takes someone with exceptional class to fly to Hamburg after a WAR, and speak to the fans in person. Truly, that is the mark of a great champion.

The fact is, the only thing that really matters is the French Open. You k
18.05.2006 | 11:21
to tore
dude, chill man..roger needs the rest..you d expect a fan of his to understand that.