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Roger withdraws

16.05.2006 | Tennis

Roger - three-time champion (2002, 2004, 2005) - as well as Rafael Nadal have pulled out of the Hamburg Masters.


Due to the long and exhausting tournaments just behind him, Roger feels the need to take a break in order to fully regenerate. Roger and Mirka travelled to Hamburg this morning in order to meet with Walter Knapper, the tournament director.


In a tumultuous day at the clay-court tuneup for the French Open, Australian Open runner-up Marcos Baghdatis retired because of dizziness and stomach pains, and former No. 1 Carlos Moya and 2003 Hamburg champ Guillermo Coria slumped again with first-round exits. Other stars such as David Nalbandian, Andy Roddick, Lleyton Hewitt or Andre Agassi will not be starting in Hamburg.

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18.05.2006 | 11:11
it's good you re resting..it's ok you lost..a friend of mine told me today that setbacks just make you stronger and that you mustn't give up because it would be a shame if you're destined for greatness an you miss your chance..well what i m trying to say
18.05.2006 | 11:07
It`s is a very good decision, take care of yourself, especially of your health.
Don`t worry about comentaries, you are my champion and I`m proud to be your fan always
All the best.
18.05.2006 | 07:33
Take rest. You played a wonderful match.
You are the defending champion in Hamburg, but health comes first. So, enjoy the rest and see you in ROLAND GAROSS.

18.05.2006 | 02:19
Dear Roger,
don't worry about the negative comments. You have proven that you are superior to all players. You have class, beauty and extraordinary talent. You have challenged Rafa like no one else on the clay surface. He knows it, that's why he resorts
18.05.2006 | 00:05
I my Roger, espero que descanses mucho para que estes 100% en Roland Garros..

Vamos my N.1, yo sé que tú eres el mejor y que este próximo grand slam va a ser tuyo...

Go Roger...!!!!!
Love u so much..
17.05.2006 | 23:46
After that match in rome i dont think you diserve to be number 1 in the world.
you can prove that your number 1 in the world if you can freakn win match points.
17.05.2006 | 22:56
..Hey Rogiiiiii

i fully agree with ur decision.. u must have to take care of ur body...u have lost too much energy after playing 5 hours match huh... u must take good care of ur health which is too much important...u have to fully and w
17.05.2006 | 22:02

I am glad you have withdrawn. Good luck in Paris.

Can't help but add that I have had it up to the gunnel reading about Nadal and his entourage's opinions about you and the final last Sunday. You are, and will remain so for a long time to co
17.05.2006 | 21:52

Hi Roger,

Please forget about the result in Rome. You've proven to yourself, your fans and the clay specialists including Rafael himself that you CAN definitely win RG. The only enemy will be yourself. That's all! Just relax and continue to show you
17.05.2006 | 20:11
It is a pitty. But you know what to do.
Really i don´t care if nadal doesn´tplay in Hamburgo, I don´t care anything about nadal,and I don´t understand what you need to talk what nadal does.
We don´t want nadal.
We love and support you.
GO.... and reme