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Roger through to the semis

06.06.2006 | Tennis

Roger won his 26th Grand Slam match in a row, beating No. 12-seeded Mario Ancic 6-4, 6-3, 6-4 in Paris this afternoon.


This now brings Roger to his eighth consecutive semi-final at a major event, two shy of Ivan Lendl’s Open era record. “To make it to the semis was my first objective in Paris,” Roger said, anticipating a possible showdown Sunday against defending champion Rafael Nadal. “I’m much more relaxed now. There was enormous pressure at the start of the tournament, with everybody speaking about a final against Nadal, but first you have to win the matches before you get there.”


Roger's opponent on Friday will be No. 3-seeded David Nalbandian, who beat No. 6 Nikolay Davydenko 6-3, 6-3, 2-6, 6-4.


With his 26th consecutive Grand Slam victory Roger has already overtaken Americans Pete Sampras as well as Jimmy Connors. The only one to be more succesful during the Open Era was Rod Laver, who won 29 matches between the Australian Open 1969 and Wimbledon 1970.

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09.06.2006 | 03:28
Ok dude

I might say what I want to say now as I can see my concentration on your progress being a little distracted by the World Cup over the next few days.

So... only two games from history, eh! Assuming you can deal to the always difficult Nalban
09.06.2006 | 02:12
Congratulations and Good Luck with your SF match!!!! I hope you will feel your best and find the right focus and win the match quickly.

We love you Roger !!!!

Pam (Tampa, FL)
08.06.2006 | 22:30
allez Roger, best of luck. we're all with you.
08.06.2006 | 19:43
Well, here I am back again, now that we are at the evening before.

I just wanted to say a big good luck - I hope you've had some nice relaxation these two days - I'm pleased you've had some time to get your thoughts ready for this match.

This will
08.06.2006 | 19:41
Message from Nadal to Nalbandian:

"Hey David wot u doin my latino compadre? You know i hev a big fevour to ask: u hev to stop Federer from goin into the Final coz u know he came really close to me last time and i dont think i will be that lucky on sund
08.06.2006 | 13:31

You were class on Tuesday against Ancic, Poor Ancic should have gone home when he felt tired because there was no way he was going to win the way you were playing. Roger you can beat Nadal on clay. You were so close the last time and if you win
08.06.2006 | 11:09
GOOOOOO. ROGER, you can win this match. You are a very, very strong player.
All the best for tomorrow.
08.06.2006 | 10:58
Congratulations Roger! :)

Good luck for tomorrow! :)

I'll be cheering for you! :)
08.06.2006 | 09:41
Hi Roger! congratulations on a great win against tough Mario Ancic. Now you are just two matches away from French open. My prayers are with you.

Wakeel Ahmad
08.06.2006 | 08:25
RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)