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Comparison at the age of 25

09.08.2006 | Off Court

Since the beginning of his career in 1998 Roger has won a total of 39 tournament titles, 8 of which are Grand Slam victories. It is now interesting to take a closer look at these impressive statistics after Roger's 25th birthday and compare them with those of other tennis greats of the past at the same age:


1. Björn Borg : 59 titles (10 of which Grand Slams)

2. Jimmy Connors : 57 titles (4 of which Grand Slams)

3. John McEnroe : 47 titles (5 of which Grand Slams)

4. Ivan Lendl : 42 titles (1 of which Grand Slam)

5. Pete Sampras : 40 titles (7 of which Grand Slams)

6. Roger : 39 titles (8 of which Grand Slams)

7. Boris Becker : 36 titles (5 of which Grand Slams)

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11.09.2006 | 07:26
just wondering...how come are the grand slams the most important ones? is it because the money is the biggest?
30.08.2006 | 12:21
Interesting stats but that is not what watching you is all about. You are truly a supreme artist who gives such great delight to the true afficionado. Good luck at the US Open - when it finally stops raining - not only Wimbledon suffers.
26.08.2006 | 02:16
Is the stats on Pete Sampras correct? I thought he had "14" Grand Slams????
20.08.2006 | 22:42
Besides his great "on court" accomplishments, I believe Rogers is TOPS thanks to the way he presents himself in interviews, conducts himself off campus, involves himself with UNICEF, his foundation in South Africa, and so much more. Roger is the best..
19.08.2006 | 06:26
Dear Roger,

How great to see you in the proper company of these great legends of the sport. I wish you continued good health and desire -- those things coupled with you otherworldly talent will allow you to rewrite tennis history! Savor every moment.
16.08.2006 | 00:26

I did not look so closley as I have know, and you should be very proud of yourself! Boy, am I ever glad you choose tennis over soccer...I love you much and wish you all the more success in your journey of life and the game of tennis....

15.08.2006 | 14:10
Well done Roger! You deserve a few drinks for this acheivement. Enjoy your success but dont let it go to your head! You are my hero Love Elizabeth Foxxx :o)
14.08.2006 | 18:53

14.08.2006 | 16:42
Roger i think the best is yet to come. Rock on
14.08.2006 | 16:11
you aer so great Roger
i love you
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