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Stats – higher and higher

13.09.2006 | Tennis

Find a selection of impressive statistics after Roger’s victory in Flushing Meadows.



Roger is the first player of the Open era after Rod Laver (1969) to play all four Grand Slam finals in one season.



The number of Roger’s consecutive victories at the US Open. He has joined Ivan Lendl (1985-87) and John McEnroe (1979-81) – the only players of the Open era to have won the US Open three times in series before him.


3 + 3

Roger is the first male player ever in the history of tennis to win both Wimbledon and the US Open back-to-back three consecutive years.



The number of consecutive Grand Slam finals Roger competed in. He has levelled Rod Laver's (Australia) record and is now just one short of Australia’s Jack Crawford (7).



The total number of tournament titles captured by Roger so far this season.



The number of Grand Slam titles Roger has taken home since the beginning of his career.



The number of consecutive Grand Slam semi-finals Roger has reached since Wimbledon 2003 - levelling Ivan Lendl’s record.



The total number of Roger’s titles on hard court. He has joined Ivan Lendl but still stays a respectable distance from the two players leading the ranking: André Agassi (46) and Pete Sampras (36).



The number of titles Roger has won on the professional Tour since the beginning of his career.



The number of matches (out of a total of 63!) in the US at which Roger managed to defeat his opponent since losing to Dominik Hrbaty in Cincinnati in 2004.



The number of matches Roger has played this year – winning 70 of them. Only Russia’s Davydenko played more than him: 77.



Roger has been dominating the ATP rankings for 136 weeks. Only Jimmy Connors (160) and Ivan Lendl (157) have done better than that.



The number of points Roger has in the Indesit ATP Race.



The number of points Roger is ahead of Rafael Nadal in the ATP champions race. Roger leads the ranking with 7295 points, his number one opponent counting 4800.





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15.09.2006 | 00:47
Hey Roger,

Your stats are ok, but I feel sorry for u because u are going to be seing your worst nightmare in a couple of years...ME.

-Eric Claggett


P.S.- I'm serious
15.09.2006 | 00:42
Hey Roger,

Your stats are ok, but i feel sorry for u because u are going to be seeing your worst nightmare in a couple of years...ME.

-Eric Claggett

P.S. I'm serious.
14.09.2006 | 23:56
Hi Janell,

I have sent you a little message and on the right of main page when you log in, it should say that you have a message. Somebody else wrote to me and I was pleased to get a message but they did not continue.

I am not going to any more mat
14.09.2006 | 22:18
Ahhh much better then ever!!!!Rog you always make me happy!!My ankle has twisted 4 days ago I'll be fine I hope..but even now..You can make me happy with these stats and with yourself.Only you make me feel like that:(I luv u :(
14.09.2006 | 21:25
This is fantastic!!! Keep it this way, hunny!!! ;)
14.09.2006 | 20:53
hey Roger,
Congrats again, all records are made to be broken, break them! It is nice to have records but it is more important to be nice and you are awesome! Please remain the same person you are, humble, genuine and caring.

hope you are well and
14.09.2006 | 20:02
Hi sadhana,

hope your well, and your family i so enjoyed the final i was bitting my nails through out the match during the secound and third set's it was everything thing it should have been and more i just can't believe it's over all that waiting fot
14.09.2006 | 18:12
Roger ur great... :-)
14.09.2006 | 15:31
Hi Roger,
The stats show what an amazing player u r.And how U have to Go 2 be the all time best player
14.09.2006 | 14:47
diventerai il miglior giocatore di tutti i tempi..
continua cosi campione!!