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22.09.2006 | Tennis

Roger gave Switzerland a 1-0 lead over Serbia in the Davis Cup World Group playoffs, defeating Janko Tipsarevic 6-3, 6-2, 6-2. Roger served 14 aces to win in 1 hour, 27 minutes.


"I was in charge the whole match. I made it easy on myself and hard for Janko," Roger said.


Janko Tipsarevic enjoyed the lesson - and certainly stayed in a good mood. He had a smile over his whole face after playing and impressive stop-ball in the third set leaving Roger no chance, for example.


"It was a lot of pressure playing Roger on center court," Tipsarevic said. "Everybody knows he's the most complete player, maybe of all time. The thing that surprised me was his return. He scored at least two points on my serve every time. I had to fight for every point I made. It tired me out."


The spectators cheered frenetically for Roger. He has added three Grand-Slam titles to his list of victories since his last appearance in Geneva precisely a year ago. Roger also enjoyed the atmosphere and thanked the fans for their great support.

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23.09.2006 | 12:27
ROGI was a terrific start. Keep up the good work. Congrats on you win .
23.09.2006 | 12:00
That is my country but like someone said Janko, Novak and others are all like ''I could beat'' even though he is number one and they are... well a lot behind. I wrily don't like Janko so I'm glad that he's beaten. But still somehow I cheer for Serbia.
23.09.2006 | 11:47
23.09.2006 | 09:36
shabash rog...
23.09.2006 | 09:08
Well done Roger.
Hope u enjoyed playing in the home crowd too.
All the best in yr doubles match tomorrow.
HOPP................ Roger and Yves !
Blessings !
23.09.2006 | 07:07
I wasn't able to see the match...but CONGRATULATIONS ROGER!!!
23.09.2006 | 04:10
Well done Master, even though Wawrinka lost I'm sure Switzerland will be the winer!!!

Go, ROGI!!!
23.09.2006 | 01:43
Hi Rog,

Cogratulations on your first DC win. I wanted to see the match so much, that last night I dreamt it was on TV at 1:30.

Good luck this weekend.
And see you in my dreams.

23.09.2006 | 01:09
Rogerr... congratulations!! we all know your the best. Good luck tomorrow!
23.09.2006 | 00:20
Congratulation for Switzerland!!!
Roger is the best and you're lucky to have him ;)
Go Rogi, we all love you and we'll always support you.
Kisses, Lana -oxxo-
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