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Switzerland beats Serbia 4-1

24.09.2006 | Tennis

The Swiss Davis Cup Team has secured its place in the World Group. Roger made everything clear with a 6-3, 6-2, 6-3 win over Novak Djokovic of Serbia.


After winning Friday's opening singles match against Janko Tipsarevic and then taking a second point in the doubles alongside partner Yves Allegro on Saturday, Roger made it three out of three on Sunday to put the Swiss 3-1 up with one match left to play.


Marco Chiudinelli beat Serbia's Janko Tipsarevic 6-4, 6-1 in the remaining reverse singles match.


"It was very important for us to keep our place in the world group and it's a fantastic feeling because somehow the Davis Cup always brings out a lot of emotion," Roger said.


Djokovic came into Sunday's encounter on the back of an impressive 12 months during which he had climbed 60 ranking places to world No. 21.


Switzerland were drawn into this weekend's relegation battle after losing 3-2 to Australia in a first round match which Federer did not play. Since taking Switzerland to the semifinals and quarterfinals of the 2003 and 2004 competitions, Roger has decided to skip the Davis Cup first round to concentrate on his individual career.


"I'd love to play all the Davis Cup [matches] because with the quality in this team we definitely have the potential to win it one day," Roger said when asked about his future commitment to the competition.

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01.10.2006 | 06:49
Good job, Roger!
You are the leader!!!!!
And you are the hero who helped Switzerland win!!!!!!
29.09.2006 | 18:03
I completely agree with You CyberRobot. It dose not sound like Roger at all. Because of that I asked for explanation of Roger’s statement on my first post.
I am not sure that Roger knows about all the mess that statement causes here (Serbia), and because
29.09.2006 | 16:30
Tnx for the link a10. Well i am sure this is a misunderstood, but in this moment i understand if he doesnt clarify this soon, everyone is gonna take this mistake to, i dont know, use it against him when the opportunity cames. This doesnt seem something of
29.09.2006 | 10:33
More than anything I wish that Roger was misunderstood.
I did not follow tennis for a years, and I start to watch tennis again when Roger Federer appears. I think that he is “Big Tennis Magician” . Several times I took day off to be able to see some of
29.09.2006 | 08:43
roger, i've bearly seen the comments about your statement also on djokovic's site...what actually happened??? i think you should explain in order to undersand better... i'm sure you didn't mean it...that's whay you have to clarify things up...we don't car
29.09.2006 | 07:56
you were spectacular!!! i congratulate you, your team and all the Swiss people...amazing victories, an amazing hero :) ... take care and good luck from now on...best wishes, yours ana-maria
29.09.2006 | 04:28
I am sure that Roger's comment was probably misinterpreted. He has been consistent over the years when he expresses himself because I checked all sites in the Internet and nothing was said of the incident, otherwise it would snowball in the media. There
29.09.2006 | 04:06
rogi how much i love you wow
swiss swiss oh ja
super you did so pretty
i am waiting for you in shanghai
masters cup you will back to win the champion will you
haha come on support you forever
my dearest milky cow
29.09.2006 | 03:09
Well,,, i really dont think Rogi is gonna to explain this. Maybe its just a misunderstood, maybe he thinks is not that a big deal, we really dont know. I am sure he is a gentleman. Maybe in that moment he was thinking in his team more than himself. What i
29.09.2006 | 00:49
My opinion about Roger Federer was that he is noble and polite, and that he has the best manners on ATP tour.
However, after Davis Cup match I’m not quite a sure. Let me to explain. During their match (Federer – Djokovic) Novak took one medical break in
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