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Roger takes up EURO 2008 role

10.10.2006 | Off Court

Roger is among four national celebrities who will be Swiss ambassadors for the UEFA EURO 2008.


The Swiss Football Association, which will co-host UEFA EURO 2008 with its counterparts from neighbouring Austria, has enlisted Roger along with three other top sporting personalities to help generate positive feedback and promote the event. Roger is joined in his new role by former Formula 1 Sauber-Petronas team chief Peter Sauber, who was named as Switzerland's Man of the Year for 2005. The other two stars are Bernhard Russi, one of Switzerland's greatest skiers of all time, who will combine his EURO duties with his job as a television commentator; and Stéphane Chapuisat, the 37-year-old former footballer who earned 103 caps for Switzerland and lifted the 1996/97 UEFA Champions League with BV Borussia Dortmund.

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11.10.2006 | 18:30
Go Swiss no.1 go.
11.10.2006 | 16:40
Hey Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im sure u must be honoured n proud of bein the Ambassador of the EURO 2008!!! so am i proud of u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im sure u will be sincere in watever u do....All d best!!
11.10.2006 | 16:03
hi roger
i know you will do the work properly.
11.10.2006 | 16:02
hi Roger
u always had a work to do.hope u do the work properly.
11.10.2006 | 14:29
Dear Margaret,

Thank you for the goroger.net info. I am extremely happy that it is back. I have written you a message after kowing you for quite a while on his website.


11.10.2006 | 13:16
congratz roger!!!!!
11.10.2006 | 13:11
Congrats Roger!
11.10.2006 | 12:48
Hi roger,

Great they have chosen well who else is there with such grace and goodness in them to be able to be an Ambassador i wish you well and i hope it goes ok when it come's around.

You are loved in your home country but just as loved everywhere
11.10.2006 | 11:50
congratulations Rog.
11.10.2006 | 11:50
congratulations Rog.