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The dream comes true

29.10.2006 | Tennis

Roger has achieved something that has probably crossed many children’s minds: Winning a major sports-event they are part of. 12 years ago Roger was a ball-boy in the final of the Swiss Indoors in Basel. He now returned as the clear favourite and downed the third seed and defending champion Fernando Gonzalez 6-3, 6-2, 7-6 (7-3) to earn his first ‘home’-title.


“It is unbelievable to return and then capture the title on my first try,” Roger said after the match. “A dream I had as a child had already become true when I was able to become a tennis professional. And now being able to come back here as number one and win the tournament – one of the most beautiful moments of my career.”


Throughout the tournament, Roger scored a total of 40 aces. The Basel-based Bank Sarasin will thus donate a total of 40’000 Swiss Francs to the sports project fit-4-future.


Roger missed the Swiss Indoors the last two years because of injuries and was the runner-up in 2000 and 2001. The victory was Roger’s 24th in a row, which is the fourth longest winning streak in his career. The Basel crown also gave him his 11th title of the season and 44th of his career.


Roger and Gonzalez were engaged in their second straight finals matchup. Our star downed Gonzalez last week in the final at Madrid. The Chilean was denied his eighth career title and is 0-9 in his career against Roger. Gonzalez was playing in his third straight final, but has yet to come away with a title this season.

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07.11.2006 | 07:58
I'm going to try to do that when I get older. This might be interesting...ball-boy turned pro!

hee hee hee
06.11.2006 | 20:48
The Best
05.11.2006 | 14:14
Hi Roger!

Congratulations on your home victory. :D

You deserve all titles, and all admiration from our fan's side... You have achieved and you are achieving something which nobody has done... You write new list of tennis :D

I'm very proud to be
04.11.2006 | 03:10
that's really cool!! i am happy for you!!
i wish i could achieve something like that
some day!! peace out roger!!
03.11.2006 | 14:58
I have never seen such a great person as you!
you always bring hope and happness to me!
I can't imagin what my life will be with you~
03.11.2006 | 14:58
I have never seen such a great person as you!
you always bring hope and happness to me!
I can't imagin what my life will be without you~
03.11.2006 | 13:22
i don't know what 2 say!! u r unbelievable....
03.11.2006 | 12:01
Yeah Rogi-boy, congrat's ! it's so great. go go go super-star.

03.11.2006 | 11:25
Congrat the Champs!!!!

It has been your third champ in these weeks, which was so fantastic!!!!

No one can stop your winnings. You've won 11 titles this season, which is perfect and amazing. And your win-lose record is still increasing rapidly. And t
02.11.2006 | 09:49
congrats n u done an awesome job in ur tennis world, nops in" R tennis world"
i don't hve a words 2 post a comments on ur great game.
Keep it up.

frm ur lvn
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