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Roger withdraws from Paris

30.10.2006 | Tennis

Roger decided today that he will not participate in the Masters Series tournament in Paris. Throughout this last period, Roger competed in three tournaments in less than a month, playing each one through to the final and even taking home every single title, costing him a lot of energy.


 “I have played 90 matches this year and feel exhausted physically as well as mentally. I have thus had to decide to pull out of the tournament in Paris, as I do not want to take any risks regarding my health. The whole tournament in Basel has been a great, but also emotionally draining experience. This has played a strong role in taking my decision. I am really sorry and would like to apologise to the tournament organisers and all of you fans. I hope to see you in Shanghai!”

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07.11.2006 | 11:59
No matter what decison you make. I'm always supporting you as your decision is your choice, not ours. Best of luck in Shanghai
07.11.2006 | 01:19
This is for Wiebke, re: ATP Ranking. What actually happened is that they took off the points from last year's Master Cup Final. It means Roger can regain the 'lost' 500 points, and an additional 250 if he wins it all.
06.11.2006 | 23:04
yea thats better we dont want you to get hurt
06.11.2006 | 15:27
Dear Roger,
I was so lucky, I finally saw you playing in Basle. You are just great, and I even feel more Swiss since I became your fan - you made a patriot out of me. Hopp Suisse! but thanks to Hopp Roger!
06.11.2006 | 13:35
I have just noticed that 500 points have been taken off Roger's total in the ATP rankings on the sly. Does anybody know who is responsible for that and why there hasn't been an official announcement?

After all, Roger played straight with the Paris orga
05.11.2006 | 13:58
Well done but .........
It's strange to see tennis without your presence.
Shangai will be the best Christmas gift!!!!!
With love

marina reds
04.11.2006 | 15:22
Good decision! Thats what i really admire about you. Good luck for Shanghai.
04.11.2006 | 06:20
KING !!! I agreed with you 100%, hope you get some rest to win SHANGAI !!!... besides...your wishes are comands...LOL feel better CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS
04.11.2006 | 02:45
Roger, better to withdraw before a tournament than in the middle of it. I thought you made a "creative" withdrawal in your loss against the Scotsman. Try to plan on fewer tournaments next year to avoid withdrawals. The problem is that you win so many m
04.11.2006 | 00:37
thanks for ruining my weekend. I've been waiting months, and now it looks like a Hrbaty/Robredo final. i can't even begin to tell you how dissapointed I am. I was looking so forward to this, then on the ATP site, next tournament suddenly has a blank, then
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