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Roger withdraws from Paris

30.10.2006 | Tennis

Roger decided today that he will not participate in the Masters Series tournament in Paris. Throughout this last period, Roger competed in three tournaments in less than a month, playing each one through to the final and even taking home every single title, costing him a lot of energy.


 “I have played 90 matches this year and feel exhausted physically as well as mentally. I have thus had to decide to pull out of the tournament in Paris, as I do not want to take any risks regarding my health. The whole tournament in Basel has been a great, but also emotionally draining experience. This has played a strong role in taking my decision. I am really sorry and would like to apologise to the tournament organisers and all of you fans. I hope to see you in Shanghai!”

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02.11.2006 | 19:34
Dearest Roger,

In less than a week, 6 days to be exact, a 1000 new fans have registered. How about that! Your popularity is increasing!

I hope that you are well rested and ready to go to Shanghai.


02.11.2006 | 19:25
There is no other ways to say it: I love
roger, any decision he make is fine with me. I'm sure a lot of people are with me.
02.11.2006 | 17:29
Hi Roger!, smart decision (pullig out from Paris) rest and recharge your energy. You are the most talented player I ever seen play and also a fantastic human being. Wish you the best in Shanghai.

02.11.2006 | 17:29
A very good and wise decision!

Take care and see you in Shanghai!
02.11.2006 | 17:18
Dear Roger,

Excellent decision! No need to apologize. Take advantage of this time to recharge and prepare for Shanghai. Let us finish the year with a BANG (though, it has already been a stellar year) and WIN SHANGHAI!

Best of luck and
02.11.2006 | 17:06
Hi Roger

You deserve to rest and as much as we would love to see you play, we also love for you to take the much deserved rest from such an oustanding career. See you in Shanghai.

02.11.2006 | 17:04
i miss you Roger
02.11.2006 | 16:43
No worries!! its time for you to take a good rest..we look forward to some great tennis in Shanghai..cheers!!
02.11.2006 | 14:39
Hey champ,

Well since this is my 1st message..let me say that it's a big honour to be a member of this group.

Now about your decision, i think, besides a wise decision, it was truely a sympathetic gesture towards Tomas Berdych. Why? Cause, with your
02.11.2006 | 13:52
It's a good decision, Roger. U seemed so tried in the last tournament.(esp. in semi-final).
Prepare yourself for the Masters Cup this year. Good Luck.

Take care,
mam (Thailand)