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A dream come true

07.11.2006 | Tennis

Dear fans,


As you can see I have had the privilege of meeting and playing some tennis with one of the greatest legends of our sport: Björn Borg! I have always been interested in the history of the game and his is certainly a name you come across very often in this regard. So it was a dream come true for me to spend around an hour on the court with Björn.

Upon my stay in Dubai on my way to Shanghai, I saw that a senior exhibition called ‘The legends rock Dubai’ was being held. Björn Borg was there along with John McEnroe, Mansour Bahrami and others. I asked him if he would like to play some tennis with me and it was terrific!


The tournament in Shanghai is moving closer rather rapidly. It’s great to have prepared for the Masters Cup quietly in Dubai. I’m looking forward to this year’s final challenge!


Speak to you soon,




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08.11.2006 | 05:04
What a fabulous picture not to mention the sharing of the experience itself. How very thoughtful of you to include your fans in something so memorable. No surprise there.
I think it would make a wonderful addition to the 2008 calendar. Hint, hint! I
08.11.2006 | 05:04
Roger, how wonderful! Always cool to play with a legend. Pete Sampras and Todd Martin were just near my hometown a couple weeks ago. Sadly, I was unable to attend the match but hear it was a rollicking success. Best wishes for another win in Shanghai.

08.11.2006 | 04:55
Hi Rogie,
How sweet it is. And I share your enthusiasm about Bjorn Borg as he was my favorite tennis player until you came along. I remember how upset I was when "Mac the Brat" first beat Bjorn . . . ayeeee . . . I remember I stopped watching tennis af
08.11.2006 | 04:06
How sweet of you to write to us. You are really a fantastic and humble person as ever. It was awesome that you share this with us and it made us your fans really feels great and happy. We really appreciate it. Both of you have in common my dear, the elega
08.11.2006 | 03:57
Dear Roger,

Since I was a little girl my idol was Borg and now that I have grown up you are my idol, this is a picture that means a dream come true for me.

Thanks and good luch in Shangai
08.11.2006 | 03:09
Good Luck in Shanghai! Luv yah!
08.11.2006 | 03:06
hey congrats Roger!,I'm so happy that your dream has come true,it's amazing!!!!
08.11.2006 | 02:48
Dear Roger,

Thank you so much for sharing your "dream come true" with us. You certainly deserve all the lovely experiences along your tennis path. I'm thrilled for you!!
When I follow your matches on the forum I scream loudly enough for you to hear
08.11.2006 | 02:30
I couldn't believe my eyes when i saw this picture. My 2 all-time favorite tennis players from the past and present together. I sure would have liked to see your match together. You are both classic style players.

Good luck in Shanghai!!!

08.11.2006 | 01:58

So delighted to read of your meeting with Bjorn Borg. Can't begin to imagine what it must've been for you - playing a bit of tennis with your childhood hero across the net. Guess that would be like anyone of us getting the opportunity to