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Quite a comeback

12.11.2006 | Tennis

Roger dropped the first set but won 10 of the last 11 games today to begin his Masters Cup campaign over holder David Nalbandian 3-6, 6-1, 6-1.


"I had to make him hit some errors - he wasn't doing that at the beginning," Roger commented. He lost his serve three times in a shaky opening set at the Qi Zhong stadium before throttling up his level in dramatic fashion. Ending the year atop the rankings for a third consecutive season, our star broke to start the second set against the Argentine who beat him in five sets at the season wrapup a year ago.


Roger  stormed to victory in one hour, 27 minutes, notching nine aces and 30 winners. It was Roger's 13th victory in only his fifth appearance at the Tennis Masters Cup.




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12.11.2006 | 20:38
Congratulations Roger!!!
12.11.2006 | 20:37
Well done and good luck for the next round
12.11.2006 | 20:20
FANTASTIC start, Rog! Even if you lost the first set, you still got two breadsticks over him! You're on a roll (pardon the pun, LOL)!

God bless you,
Joreen :-D
12.11.2006 | 20:13
I couldn't find any channels in the U.S. televising the game, not on ESPN 1 or 2, not on the Tennis Channel. But when I woke up this morning, I logged on to BBC and found out that you won. I am very happy!!! Also, via reading a Chinese website, I learned
12.11.2006 | 19:47
Congratulations Roger!!!!!!!!!!!
Another Victory... :-)))))))))))
Good luck with the next match!!!!!
All my love,
12.11.2006 | 19:17
Federeerr, man, I was really worried!!! In the first set, when I saw you playing, I said: "This is not the Roger Federer I know. No, it's not". Then, I said to myself: "He has to be himself if he wants to win". I saw you screaming once and then I said aga
12.11.2006 | 18:58
Great job Rog, the first one is done!
It's amazing how you can be concentrated even if your opponent is playing perfectly...
12.11.2006 | 18:43
No repeat of last year please. You have to win this one, all of them!
12.11.2006 | 18:34
I am so Happy that I could see the match live...!

Well done Roger! Keep it up!
12.11.2006 | 18:15
Great reaction, Rodgeur!!! Sometimes, the stars battle for some time, but they manage to find solutions to overcome their slow starts. That's what you did, Rodgeur!! BRAVO