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Roger honoured as No. 1

13.11.2006 | Tennis

Roger was presented with the Champions Race trophy for finishing the year at No. 1 for a third straight season. Having won three Grand Slam singles titles this season, he opened his quest for a third Masters Cup title on Sunday with a win over defending champion David Nalbandian.


"Another fantastic year is almost over - I have one more week to go," Roger said. "I'm happy to be back after last year, when I had all the trouble with my foot."


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16.11.2006 | 18:12
You're the best Roger :)
I'm so happy :)

16.11.2006 | 17:15
???... ?????????? ??????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????? ? ?????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????...?????????????????????? ?????????...??????...THAI FAN
16.11.2006 | 16:42
It's just incredible and amazing, Roger. The entire world look at you like a unique Star, great!!! Congrtulations and keep going!!

You're a wise person, Thank you for all you show us. GO ROGER, GO!!!!!!!!!
16.11.2006 | 07:44
I'm glad your foot's better.
15.11.2006 | 18:50
Mi Rog eres el mejor del mundo y de verdad te felicito, te felicito, te deseo lo mejor en tu vida, en el torneo de shanghai, en serio eres un gran jugador.... Cuidate muchisisimo.

1000 besos para ti !
15.11.2006 | 18:11
''Some guy have all the lucks''
Rod Steward

The best SPORTMANSHIP attitude of a gentleman.
The best tennis player EVER.
The Best forehand with precision, speed, creativity.
The Best backhand with versatility of slice, topspin passing shot, wi
15.11.2006 | 10:37
Dear Roger

Congratulations to Roger honoured as No. 1 for a third straight season.

This picture was perfect, Roger was holding the Champions Race trophy with Mirka. This is your goal each year. You could do it, three
15.11.2006 | 06:17
3 years in arow.....superb achievement....
15.11.2006 | 04:32
Congratulations, Roger. You deserve it.

Love and hugs,
Cori USA
15.11.2006 | 03:35
congrats roger. u greatly deserve this recognition. you've put tennis in another level. :D
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